Faulty Headset, slight touching on bottom sides of HMD greys out screen


The following has been forwarded to Pimax Support under SUPEN-3199
I am having an issue where I touch a certain area of the headset and the screen greys out / cuts off for about 5-10 seconds then shifts back into the game. This only happens when i touch the headset, it is not a issue to do with the lack of tracking. It happens when if i put the headset on or off, or touch it to readjust on my head or change the IDP. it mainly happens when i physically touch, the bottom right side of the headset, near the IDP wheel.I can block the headset with my hands or objects and it still works fine. only when it is touched it cuts out, my guess is loose or faulty wiring to the sensors.
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I have the same problem, I’d be interested by a response as well!
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@super_dre: do you have a 8k?


Whoops, forgot to mention, It’s a 5k+.


i received an email back from support:

Alan Sun commented:
i have met this same problem,maybe you touch(cover) the sensor inside.

Hasnt exactly touched on the warranty exchange.
Being a vive owner for years. im quite aware how the sensors work. my lighthouses are where theyve always been and theres no light or reflections in the room.


I am also experiencing an audio problem like some other people are on the forum / reddit.
i plugged my headphones in and sometime the audio cuts out or only works in the right ear.
What is the next step to send the headset back to be replaced or even a refund if this becomes too difficult?
I’ve only received a vague response from Alan.
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Can we get an answer? It seem we get a message once a month on how Pimax is going to improve support and then nothing happens or it just gets worse …


Current update:

First contacted Pimax with the issue April 1st

Finally got approved to send back April 26th

Faulty headset sent back April 30th (Postage paid by Pimax)

Pimax receives faulty headset May 5th

Last contact from Pimax that replacement will eventually be sent. May 13th.

Silence and no confirmation replacement has been sent May 28th.


I had this with mine. I turned out to be bad placement of the sensors. I moved my sensors around a bit and experimented and it is now rock solid.


I have the same “grey-out-problem”!

What do you mean with “sensors” - do you mean the lighthouses, or sensors in the Pimax??


It is the sensors inside the headset. Perhaps they’re too close to the casing and the touch or heat of your fingers cause it to grey-out / spaz out. super frustrating if you adjust your headset mid-game/sim. Plus it’ll happen every time you put the headset on and off. You’re eligible to have the headset replaced, if you can wait 2 months. I thought of just fixing it myself like Fauves, but i was also met with audio jack problem on top of that!


Thx mate!
I thought, it’s just a simple “problem”, when my hands interupt the connection between LH and HMD!
That’s really pain in … !! Oh boy, I don’t even want to think about another Supen xxxx! :roll_eyes:


My SUPEN Ticket support page now seems to be missing.
I dont know if its been removed or are they having website issues?
Should I create another a ticket?
It’s now over 2 months since it was first created.

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Its website issues, hold on i will let them know!


This issue is fixed, you can log in and check your ticket status now~


Thanks @Dallas.Hao
Can you look at my support ticket SUPEN-3199
The Pimax warehouse received my faulty headset 1 month ago, and i have not heard anything about a replacement being sent yet.


Please check your ticket, derek will give you respond soon.