Feelings of a backer


Well the criticism is that they should have never made the 8k when they didn’t have good panels for it. What sense does it make to release a 5k and 8k when they actually are pretty much the same? The differences are only very minor. And that makes no sense, 1440p panels should feel like 1440p panels and 4k panels should feel like 4k panels.

The 8k+ is simply what the 8k should have been ,exactly like the 5k+ is what the 5k should have been. Luckily they never even released the original 5k, cause that would have caused even more angry backers.


So 8k backers that stayed at 8k would have been ok with waiting 8-12month longer then the ones that switched to 5k+?


They should have been offered the choice: receive 5k+ now + money back, or wait for 8k with good panels indeed. That would have made most people happy and would have made more sense.

But even better would have been to not even talk about 8k when they didnt have good panels. They should never have even brought it up. Only 5k


Then 8K backers would be wondering what happened to the 8K and complain for another 10 months. Don’t act like that won’t happen hahaha.


I recall a lot of people were asking if/when there was going to be an 8k+ when the 5k+ was offered. We were told quite strongly no there will not be one because panels like that were not available to Pimax.

That would have influenced many people’s decision to take the 5+ over the 8


Well they could go with the 5k+ if they didnt want to wait. It’s essentially the same quality as the 8k anyway, only minor differences.


Let’s face it everyone is impatient as hell. I remember clearly people would complain delay after delay and YES it’s Pimax’s fault for being overly ambitious about timelines, personally don’t think it’s malicious just incompetence+bad planning.

I mean heck I’m an 8KX backer and I’m impatient as hell. The only way I’ve even be able to keep my sanity is only logging in every 4-6 monts.


Haha. Well let’s just say they’ve made several bad decisions in the past. But I won’t keep dwelling about that, looking forward to see reviews of the new models, hopefully @mixedrealityTV is hurrying up :slight_smile:


Does he already have an 8KX Review set? When is the Embargo/NDA end? @PimaxUSA


Yes he has one now and is supposedly coming out with a review any day now! Although he’s been live streaming that boring Oculus event, better should go home and focus on the X :slight_smile:


That logic the complaint and disappointment is failing in one decisive aspect.
Backers money paid and market value received at given time, including all compensation deals for necessary changes in the roadmap.

I am a very happy backer.

I got more for the money than with any other VR HMD company and there is still more to come. It’s only takin so much time - that’s annoying. But still I have the impression I could make much more money by selling my Pimax gear even at used condition than what I originally paid for.

Weird outrage culture these days with variations of mortally offended feelings.


would be interesting as he loves upscalers
(edit) what i mean is, as he was critical about upscaling for the 8k we can get a hint from a sceptic if the upscaler has improved


Honestly, I’m glad you’re a happy backer.

I am not, but not because the 8k is bad, but because I feel cheated. They were asked if there would be an 8K +, and they said no, when it is very clear that they knew that those panels would not take long. If the 8k + came out in 2021, I would not complain, because I would understand it, but it is not so. I may be wrong, but I sincerely believe that they lied to us. To the backers, the futurists, the support to move the project forward. Well, yes, I feel disappointed, what are we going to do.


I would like to know why we have to wait until the third week of October, to know what the upgrade plan for backers is?


I am a little disappointed in the eye tracking fiasco. The underestimation of the work required because of the larger fov rings a little hollow when one considers the plan was to make a larger fov device from the start. but I guess 20 20 hindsight is an amazing thing.

I thought the software bundle was a joke. Tech demos at best. I would rather have seen one fairly decent game as opposed to what we loving refer to as “shovel wear”. I have no shortage of software to show my friends VR without making them sick but where’s the fun in that. :grinning:

The controller options are fair enough I suppose although as I was awaiting final evaluation of sword and sense, I had not ordered controllers and since Valve has ignored Canadian customers up to now, I will be stuck with wands for some time yet it seems.

Will see if the 8K+ is a big enough deal to bother especially when the 8KX would be where I would go if I had the rig to drive it.
The 8K+ seems to be what the 8K was suppose to be from the KS beginning. A 90Hz headset. The suggestion that the tooling is also improved is also where we should have been all along and not the faulty housing fiasco (assuming the new build doesn’t crack). Discounts aside, this headset’s pricing for backers should be extremely generous as it is basically what we backed to begin with. @PimaxUSA
For my part, I would like to reverse my 5K+ downgrade, send back my cracked 5K+ and upgrade my original 8K pledge to an 8K+ which is what I basically backed. A “reasonable” upgrade charge for the new panels would be anticipated.


i regret having supported pimax


The pimax team in shanghai goes on a national holiday that for some there lasts 8 days. It effected the timeline a bit and required some days after their return.


I’m glad we have a US team now. Otherwise we’ll just think Pimax disappeared.


Ok but is it that the upgrade plan has already been decided and we have to wait for the announcement or that you still have to figure it out?

Also, I would like to state that putting backers and early adopters on the same plan isn’t a good move.


They aren’t on the same plan. The plan is there and presumably won’t change until the new site goes up.