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Is the plan for everything covered in the Pimax Day Livestream to be handled during the 3rd week of October?

Eye-Tracking Orders.
Returning of the Loaner Units for the 8KX
Backer/Early Adopter ‘upgrade’ Plan


The old 8K panels could be used for a 4K V2. Take the guts of the old 8K, with its two panels, put them in a portrait orientation, get some aspherical lenses, and make a 110 degree native 4K 60 HMD.

At 110 degrees, it would be as good or better than Reverb


You very well expressed how i feel.
Thanks for that.


I completely agree with you. I backed up the 8K full package in the Kickstarter and waited a long time to get it. I got my 8K beginning of this year summer and I was happy about it but than when I heard that the 5k+ visual is way better than the 8K I got really mad, it felt like they gave me something less than a 5k plus, like my 8k was a downgrade version of the 5k, so when they said that we can trade the 8k for the 5k plus I was like “HELL NAH”, I backed the 8k which is suppose to be BETTER than the 5k plus so I’m staying with it and you better fix it. Couple month after we get this live stream and I’m sitting there like “please tell me you fixed the 8k and made it better than the 5k plus” and than I hear “there’s an 8k plus” so I’m like “OK YES, I guess we can send back the bad 8k to get what we are really suppose to get, something better than the 5k plus” BUT NOOOOOOOOO there’s additional cost in it…WHHAAATTTTTTTT??? NOOOOOOOOO, you can’t tell me you gave us a bad 8k headset that is worst than the 5k plus and than the REAL headset that is better than the 5k plus which we’re suppose to have since day one has additional cost to it??? LIKE WHAT???. If the 8k headset you gaved us was better than the 5k plus and you released the 8k plus after I wouldn’t be mad, I would of just look at it as “o nice, an upgrade I can buy” BUT NO MY 8K WAS NOT BETTER THAN THE 5K PLUS SO THIS BETTER BE FREE FOR THE 8K BACKERS.


Can we use our coupons for the index controllers? @PimaxUSA


No one is outraged. 5k+ is good and I’m satisfied with it. What we don’t like is the misleading/broken promises from the past - quite a lot of them in fact.

But I’m glad that at least this time they were honest in the presentation, and even though I don’t like what they did and offer as compensation at least I can finally make decisions (like getting index controllers directly from Valve).


you are misinformed that the 5k+ visuals are way better then the 8k. They are both on par it’s only a different flavor, but i agree that the 8k should be signicantly better from the start with its 4k panels than 5k+


I backed the 8K full package. When the 5k+ appeared it was evident that it would offer better clarity, so I switched. It was clear from the reviews as well. 8K and 5K are just names, not specs.

If anyone considers to upgrade the 8KX should be a no brainer. However, I doubt it will be fully useful for a year or two, due to GPU limitations. The 5k+ is taxing enough on modern hardware.

I have some doubts about eye tracking and detail lag, due to performance, as well. That it is non-free is not unreasonable if it actually works without much latency on realistic hardware.

The big problem is the controls. The switch offer doesn’t seem to be competitive. Definitely a way to increase the incentive to get the new headsets instead.


The 8K+ is the specs that they declared when they told us about the 8K. They said the 8K would be 3840x2160 x2 RGB, what people got was some sort of pentile panel because it was cheaper than buying full RGB panels.

(I backed the X, but I can totally see why people who backed the 8K expecting it to have those specs were rampantly dissapointed and still agrieved now that they were misled when Pimax MUST have known during the kickstarter that the headset they were selling then did not actually have RGB panels, and now on top of that they are being asked for additional funds to get what they were originally told AND even more funds on top to get the main stretch goal - eye tracking - which tipped many many people over to backing the project).


Think you remember wrong, it was with the 5k+ they sad it changed to rgb panel.


The panels are of a higher res in the 8k. So you objectively get a high physical resolution that helps to reduce SDE. However, the upscaler takes the same signal, the same information, as the 5k, which makes the actual, logical, resolution the same as in the 5k+, while introducing unavoidable scaling artifacts and losses inherent to the resolutions involved. Furthermore, the scaler by nature must introduce latency to the signal. No naming schemes in the world would change that fact. However, subjectively users may find the 8k superior to the 5k+ and vice versa.

We can all wish for anything, but the cable standards and tech available at any given time limit what is possible to achieve. That’s why I don’t see the wireless 4k x2 at xyz Hz being an option for quite some time, unless there’s some kind of directed line of sight laser like transmission. It’s like demanding OLED computer screens made of gold with no burn in. Wireless will likely also introduce latency and other unavoidable problems as compared to cable. Same goes for panels. There are always trade offs you have to pick.




Have you seen an 8K?

The old 8K panels have lost far too much clarity.

Placing them in an revamped 4K would be a disservice/disgrace.


edit: analysis should better be left to the people affected


But that depends on how you define resolution. If by pixel per area then yes, but those pixels are not RGB. If by subpixel per area then 5k+ is about same as 8k, esp. considering it has better panel utilisation. There were huge threads about this back then. 8k+ changes this and it shows (at least on sweviver pictures).


I sold my 5K+ a few months ago with a nice little profit because I have an 8K loaner unit anyhow - and I still will receive the stretchgoals of it which I didn’t include in the sale :grin:

So if you didn’t like it, why didn’t you cash in on it and enjoy having earned money with the Pimax KS campaign ?

But if you didn’t do so because you actually liked the 5K+, then I don’t get your comment at all - why regret backing it if it is good enough to keep it where you could have sold it off with some decent profit ?


Die 5K+ kann ich immer noch mit Gewinn verkaufen…wenn ich will…
Die Farben gefallen mir nicht so wirklich…Schwarzwerte und Farben sehen bei einem LED Display einfach besser aus.


@Helio, I’m still alive :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I’ll keep it in English for the others to follow the conversation - sure, OLEDs would have better blacks & colors, but I just wondered why you said you regretted having backed the campaign while you could have made a profit on it - and according to your response, you could still earn money if you sold it today. Doesn’t sound like something I would regret having gotten into… :wink:

And if you had hoped for a better device - well, just have a look at the recent competition from much savvier companies than Pimax: the Index, Reverb, Vive Cosmos.

All of them have been released later than the Pimax 5K+ and 8K, yet none of them manages to clearly beat them (unless you have the distortion issue some experience).

Pimax may do a bit of a hit & miss on their headsets, but others hardly try to hit further out of field, rather play it safe but then give us too little improvement to even bother getting such a headset.
I would have loved to abandon Pimax for a shiny new Index with great resolution and wireless, but nope, neither feature is present on it. I just didn’t see the point to get one at that price point with the mediocre resolution it offers.

So, mercifully being spared by all competitors, Pimax still shine.


Above all, the bad communication between pimax and the backers annoys me.
questions are not answered.
critical posts are deleted.
defective hmds are sent. no regular updates. dates are not respected, etc.