Feelings of a backer


Now that we have had a flood of headsets into the market and none of them offering any real leaps, are only hope may be pimax. But im not sure i want them making slight improvements every few months. Would rather see some real game changers in a year or two.


Gamechangers dont happen overnight.


No doubt…:joystick:just glad its improving


@AxacuatlYou sold your 5K+ and now use the 8K in-tandem with another VR headset. That in itself speaks volumes. I think it’s easy to dismiss the many positives competing headsets have to suit, but at the end of the day those little things count for a lot for some people. Things like comfort without having to resort to modding. Instant usability, richer colours, high refresh rate, correct scaling, proper 3D depth etc. Versus the Pimax one-trick wider field-of-view. Sadly whilst I like and appreciate that, for me it’s just not enough when looking at the entire package which is where the Index in particular shines. You’re correct it’s not a massive upgrade over some headsets, but it’s an upgrade all the same and as I said, it just works. For me that counts for a lot thinking back to the eye-strain and headaches I got using the 8K.

That said, I knew an 8K+ was a needed entity, said it many times in the past here, and now it’s here on-cue. Part of me is a little gutted that the 8K+ is what the 8K should have been and perhaps offered instead of an 8K with a longer wait, but “thems the breaks” as they say. I got some enjoyment from the 8K at least but I am not going to be blind to the overall experience I had with it being somewhat difficult compared to other headsets despite their faults and shortcomings.

I hope Pimax moving forwards focus on the user-experience as much as new hardware developments so that when people try the 8K+ and X it’s as seamless as Oculus, HTC, Valve and WMR products.


I would love to see some automatic profile switches happen when starting certain games. Having profiles is something requested over and over but maybe they are waiting for the community to develop this addition to PiTool themselves? I just can’t figure out why


What does speak volumes ? That I sold the 5K+ ? It simply was too similiar to the 8K - I only have one head, you know. So this fact doesn‘t suggest anything, I fear.

The Rift S serves the purpose that I for one like Oculus Home and have a bunch of Oculus software - it is inconvenient indeed to have to use Revive or the Pimax launcher for them, but the Index or Reverb wouldn‘t have improved that aspect at all for me. Only on the fiddling around with new Pitool versions element I agree that I liked the comfort of skipping that part. But had it not been for my desire to be able to natively use Oculus Home, I surely wouldn‘t have gone down that path. This is why the other headsets couldn‘t get me over the line: if I want maximum convenience, I‘ll use the Rift S. If I want performance, I‘ll use the 8K. The Index or Reverb wouldn‘t have completely satisfied either of the two desires for me.

But if I have learnt anything in the past 3 years it is that people have a wide variety of preferences and you simply cannot assume that what is the best solution for yourself will be the best for the next user too. Which certainly doesn‘t make it easier for the companies to make the right calls on what to prioritize.


Just wondering Axacuatl, did you even try the Index? Cause I get the feeling you judge it by its specs. User experience with the Index is just a whole different story.




Gotta remembere though, that the Pimax headset was/is advertised to “enthusiasts” and “futurists”


No, but looking at the reports from others in the German VRForum, I did not get the impression that the specs were too misleading and it was a truly greater experience than the specs make it appear to be. As I mentioned, a few of them even returned their Index to stick with their current headset.

The thing for me is, I never was able to reproduce/see the distortion issue you had with any of my two Pimaxes, so the apparently better performance of the Index on that part would be lost on me. And I am not minding 75Hz compared to 90Hz (I care so little that I bought a 4K 60 Hz monitor a year ago :joy:), so I suppose the 120/144Hz modes will not get me too excited either.
As I said, it’s just a matter of not ticking enough of my boxes - for others it may be exactly what they were looking for. If it had offered a wireless option though… perhaps I would have given it a try. Very annoying that this in 2019 still remains to be an elusive feature (even for those who are willing to dish out a couple of hundred bucks for it).

I would expect it to take care of the convergence issue I have with the Pimaxes, that surely would be an upside, but as I get used to that rather swiftly, it’s not an deal-making upside for me.

I have backed a slot at MRTV’s experience thingy and will then surely give it a try - and all other interesting headsets he may have by that time… :grin:


It still beats me why some (most?) people like you don’t see distortion. I’ve literally tried everything and I just can’t get it to a level that I’d find satisfying. One day I’d love to hear what was causing this.

Anyway, regarding the Index… I always agreed with Palmer when he said about the current gen VR: “Free isn’t cheap enough”. If you’d give the whole population a free high end PC + a hmd, most people wound’t be using the hmd after a while. It’s just nog good enough. But with the index I feel this has finally changed, I think most people actually would enjoy gaming on it. So while the specs are not game changing, the whole experience is just how I always imagined how a VR experience should be.


That’s precisely what I wanted. Pimax told those of us who backed the full package that we had the option of getting the headset now or waiting for the controllers/base stations to be ready. I specifically requested to wait until the controllers/base stations were ready. I responded to their questionnaire, I posted it in the forum, I PM’ed Dallas.Hao and Sean.Huang as well as sending two email messages to Pimax Support stating that I wanted to wait for the full package. In typical Pimax fashion, they decided to just do whatever they felt like despite any previous promises they may have made and sent it to me anyhow. To add insult to injury, the tracking number for the headset was emailed to me five days after the headset unexpectedly appeared on my doorstep. I tried to return the headset to PimaxUSA after explaining Pimax’s previous agreement and that I wished to wait for the full package. He refused to help.

I knew that the controllers and base stations were a long way from being ready. I also knew that Pimax would have an updated 8K headset by the time the controllers/base stations were in production. As I was an 8K full package backer, I wanted to have the 8K version that would be available at the time everything else was ready, which looks now to be the 8K+. To me, the 8K+ is visually equivalent to what Pimax claimed during the Kickstarter that the 8K should have been.

So now I’m stuck with a brand new, unopened 5K+ sitting on a shelf and have no controllers or base stations with which to use it.

Pimax may be able to produce a nice VR headset, but they have absolutely no idea how to properly run a company. Operating a successful business requires much more than simply having a product to sell.


I realize the oddness of a question like this but I am very interested in the shape of your skull and its meat on there. For scientific reasons. To compare with other specimens, dead or alive.


Haha yeah that’s an odd question. However I understand it, after all this complaining from me regarding distortion so I’ll post it, together with a ref pic of a caucasian face. I think mine has pretty standard forms, pretty similar to the ref pic I think.

(also, you can’t deduce it from the pic but I’m a big/tall guy so the headset edges will probably relatively fall a bit closer to my eyes than for the average person)

Also, the Pimax is really the only of my 8 hmd’s that has distortion. Well the Odyssey+ has some very slight distortion.


Yeah, my facial structure is quite similar, except more handsome. Sry no pic available to prove it. :beers:


Haha, pic or it didn’t happen :wink: But I just posted it to end the speculation that the people who complain have some deformed head or something :slight_smile: It’s really not that. My current thesis is that people who don’t see it are just not used to good VR. Everything else doesn’t make sense to me (although i guess theoretically it’s possible that there are rather big quality differences between the headsets)


I didn’t want to say this before (so people won’t start looking for it) , but for the first time I tested the Index I played the hand lab and in the elevator (or smth) scene I looked back and saw a slight deformation of the geometry while moving my head.

Haven’t noticed that since though and basically it’s non-existent.


Hmm… I never have seen it with the index. And no matter how I position the hmd on my head, tilt it, shift it etc the image always stays geometrically stable and correct.


Yeah it is a very stable headset indeed in every aspect. I wish Pimax was like that.
Btw, solved the crashing problem, gpu mem clock was too high. :confounded:


I only see distortion on large fov, none on normal and small.
I already sold my pimax tho.


Could it be then, that the results varies headset by headset due to poor calibration/lenses&panels alignment :thinking:

I remember first test with the Pimax and I was like wtf is this, the world (Mars) looked totally twisted and deformed. Theres a post about it.

However got somewhat used to the distortion and maybe they improved the distortion profile with the Pitool updates.
That is not, however, the main reason why my 5k+ is in the box, it’s because the pic quality vs performance didn’t meet my standards with my PC and also got the eyestrain issue.
Kinda hard to explain it, it varies from nausea attacks (probably due to bad fps) to just a feeling that “somethings off and I want to get out of here” combined with tired, dried out feeling in my eyes.
Yes I tried everything.