Feelings of a backer


Oh yeah they definitely improved the distortion. It’s not as bad anymore as when it was first time I tried my 5k+ on. But man, especially when A/B-ing between the headsets, it’s just so much difference. And yes, I have the same as you, sometimes my eyes feel ‘dried out’ with the 5k+, I never had that with any other headsets. And just the feeling that something is not right indeed.

That’s also a possibility indeed. Anyway I guess I’ll find out when I receive the 8k-X that I’m going to buy. If it’s exactly the same experience then I know enough


First day with the Index I got this, very slightly and never since. Yesterday had a 3 hours straight session of The Forest, no probs.

Indeed it would be interesting to test some other Pimax headsets to troubleshoot.


Here you fall short on Pimax. It seems you could not get the settings right, so to call it a one trick headset is much exaggerated


To say something positive about the 5k+ it has a nice resolution and it’s lightweight and quite comfy, well, after modding the facemask and DAS.


Yes there are lot of positives i’m glad i backed it. Is it perfect? no, but nether is any hdm at this point. After i got it right i really like my headset with FOV nobody can match at this pricepoint


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But by the same token, you’ve not tried the Index and continue to base your assessment on the words of others.

This seems like a big issue then for Pimax headsets (as in users have to fiddle so much to get things right). Enough said.

Not sure why you guys want to go full defence mode here. I am expressing my opinion from my experience with it. Seems like it gets to you somehow. I must be at fault not the headset because it’s all rosy for you guys. When compared to other headsets aside from the larger FOV what else does the Pimax 8K have over them? In its current form I am not seeing anything at all.

In my opinion:

Ease of use - Nope
Sound - Nope
Comfort - Nope (you need to mod)
Colours - Nope
Controllers - Doesn’t have any
Refresh Rate - limited to 80+ hz not reaching 90hz
Clarity - Nope
Build Quality - Nope

Please don’t suggest they have an 8K+ now that addresses all of those issues because that’s not what I am talking about here.


I think the distortion issues are down to face shape, eye depth, and the fact that a ton of people dont have a linear ipd.

I know Pimax said they were going to put the casing out for 3D printing (for a cover?) but it would be cool to get a case calibrated to your face/comfort.

I think cases for HMDs should use a memory foam in the future. It may add some weight, but something that contours to your face shape would probably help a lot, or maybe an inflatable cover, like sleep number for your face.


No i’m not in the defence i only think it’s over the top what you are saying, the truth is more in the middle. Not black or white. The answer you give now is black and white also. I like a more refined aproach.
I understand people choosing the decent conservative polished solution of Valve. I like to be in the exiting development branche more myself. Although things are not finished and clearly in the making.


Then all the other headsets should have the same problem with some people? What makes Pimax headset prone to distortion, canted panels, wide fov?
Index panels are canted, no distortion.


@sjefdeklerk Not sure if face shape has anything to do with it but I have an Asian face shape aka Chinese and I think the Pimax Engineers also are Asian.

My 5K+ did come with a few defects like a yellow glow and a small tear in the lens but no distortion.


You didn’t took the blue pill?:pill::sunglasses:


I fully understand your frustration toward Pimax but concerning the 8k better panels where not available at the time and even now many people are somewhat happy with the current design of the 8k vs the 5K+. Money back scenario is rarely done in Kickstarter campaigns. I don’t think concerning the panels any other small company would done better then Pimax.


I do not think that Pimax does any calibration on their headset. They just slap it together and hope for the best :slight_smile:.


Actually Pimax 8K has less glare than the Index. Which for some people is a deal breaker when looking at the Index.

Pimax 8K wins in this field. If I get an 8K or 8KX then it will be interesting to pit them against the Reverb and Index. Maybe it will be better than both of those.


What makes the headset prone to distortion is the wide FOV and the limits of the dual element fresnels they are using. A normal Aspherical or Fresnel lens tops out at 130 degrees before introducing weird artifacts.

When the HMD is on “normal” FOV (about 140-150 degrees) people by and large have reported much less distortion, but this high field of view of 170 degrees together with the canted displays push these optics to their known limit.

Pimax could actually eliminate almost all of the distortion on these optics if they rendered four cameras (2 view ports per eye,) but that would require developer specific support, would be more computationally expensive, and would also lose the wide comparability with all the software (Oculus and Vive) that they can use.

I do suggest that if people want better software on Pimax, talk to the developers who make your favorite titles, and mention to them quadport rendering that StarVR uses, variable rate shading, etc. for them to employ in Pimax specific versions of their games.

Without changing the lenses themselves, or without devs making specific versions of the software, not much can be done.


The question is if they really do not see it, or they are not bothered. In my case, for example, I see the distortions very well, but … I also wear glasses (I have to, my prescriptions are -6.5 dioptre) and these glasses produce the exactly same distortion as pimax (bending the image outwards at the inner and outer horizontal edge in each eye). Plus there is also a kind of vertical “stitch” in the inner area (which looks like the seam in the image which is slightly overlapping and does not match exactly), but this one is most of the time covered by my glasses frame.

So while technically I believe that the distortion of the headset is rather bad, in reality this does not bother me much. Plus, I am already used to fuzziness of the image, so I am not upset by not seeing everything sharp. What bothers me more is the feeling that the image is not exactly right, which I attribute to the wrong projection (geometry), regardless how I set it. Actually I know, it is not right, but cannot just exactly put my finger on the problem.

All in all, I am voluntarily suffering Pimax, because there is not anything better (Index does not support my IPD - 72 mm), but I guess if my vision was 20/20 the Pimax experience could as well be unbearable.


That is a pretty optimistic attitude, considering that Pimax is not able to make neither single lens correction, nor any “advance feature” working correctly.

BTW: Pimax horizontal FOVs are 140° in Normal, and 160° in Large. I can see the distortion in Normal FOV (I have never used Large, because it is already outside of my glasses FOV, so basically useless for me).


Its an optimistic attitude, but is somewhat tongue in cheek on my part man, lol. Do you remember my idea about using the Z buffer to fake two additional view ports?


Also I’ve seen game devs wrote in this forum that they’ve asked help from Pimax but nobody’s home…