Feelings of a backer


no because by that point the 8k+ would have sufficiently met their original kickstarter product, and they would have hopefully by then completed their pruct by then. (controllers etc) so the 8k++ would feel like a proper new product.

lets be real we all know the 8k+ is the 8k were expecting


Yes imagine. Heres a PS4 wait It looks like a ps3 ?because we phucked up and it turns out we couldnt get a good GPU inside so we recommend you take this ps3+ instead its just as good we promise.

4 months later…

ok heres ps4+ and ps4 pro. We were able to design this improved version of the product using the kickstarter $$ you gave us for your ps3+ . its a real ps4, probably what you originally wanted.

And well do you a favor, you can upgrade to the ps4+(ps4) for a unknown extra amount and you “get to keep” your ps3+(We dont want your ps3+ its sheeit).


exactly! @Heliosurge says that the 5k may never even have existed.
Nobody was expecting that product! like 350 people backed that headset because it was a cheap , bastardized product that paled in comparison to the 8k which had over 3000.

that flipped when we were told suddenly that the 5k+ was suddenly better than 8k. (which shouldn’t have been possible, but somehow Pimax found the only supplier in the world of Pentile LCD panels…lol what even is the point of them… trade in black levels for same sde)
So instead of wasting money creatimg the 5k+ that nobody wanted the put that money towards the 8k we would have all had 8k+ right now!


Well I think the problem was getting the 4k rgb panels, not many of those around and certainly not for a long time


Yes i remember people were asking if there would be an 8k+ and they said no. But I also remember MRTV had a video at that time were he kind of winked and said “there was no 8k+”

@mixedrealityTV knew something back then, and Pimax knew as well .

We were being played.


It seems to me to be the typical reaction some have. Instead of simply stating they have a different opinion and then filling people in on their experience and why “they” feel the way they do. The topic is Feelings of a backer. Everyone’s different and no two pimax are exactly the same. Its good to hear from people that have more then one headset and comparison. But its their experience still and its best for me to truly judge for myself. Then it is my point of view, true to me but still not “THE” truth.

Thats “Whats its like” to me.



The above is a really good point… I have had many people look at my headsets and some people see things that I don’t or even tolerate things that I don’t, doesn’t mean my experience is any more important than the other people, just different.

This is also the main issue I had with Pimax, the only information we, as consumers, had to base our decision to either back or purchase was a couple of reviews and the marketing material produced by Pimax.

If, and this is a big IF, Pimax wants the sell the 8K+ good on them, lets get VR to where it should be, but there should be a clear and concise money back policy if a consumer is not happy with the product for any reason. This is the sort good will Pimax should be showing Backers and Customers alike. I would predict that if the headset is indeed a leap forward, most users would keep the headset, however, if Pimax is not being, shall we say, “open” with their claims and or marketing material, a money back scheme would go a long way to alleviate current consumer concerns…


I felt as a backer there is not much of a choice and was pleasantly surprised when they did replace my 5K+. Now with new problems. But lets not go there.


Agree mate, the Vive pro has such better colours !! Especially in Elite Dangerous. If it wasn’t for the poor audio, it would still be my number 1 hmd… The index has far better audio, not perfect, but better than vive pro and it’s the little things, for example, no creaking of the plastics etc… For my money, the index is a better all round package, I found the headphones on the Reverb actually hurt my ears ( super tight ) after a while of usage. The index still has horrible blacks ( compared to the Vive Pro ), but the clarity is outstanding … I would say on par with the reverb, maybe even a little better as you still get clarity moving your eyes, I found for the reverb to remain clear, I needed to move my head, not my eyes, smaller sweet spot. The reverb has better/Less god rays than the Index. The vive pro ( lens mod ) had absolutely nil by comparison… Still switch back to the Vive pro for Elite Dangerous for the colours and no god rays !!


Happens to me all the time for sure!

Even the same for myself when I notice somthing new after already experience it several times.

Its not “what I know” its “what i think, now” and my view may change and so may yours.


Precisely, !!! 20 Characters


I just wonder what would have happened in this forum if Pimax indeed had said, forget about the 8K, dear backers, please wait until we finally get good panels and you‘ll probably get your 8K+ starting October 2019.

I bet there will be some claiming that they would have preferred that. Very few indeed said so. But the majority was getting really impatient, if my memory is correct. So at some point Pimax must have felt that they had to get the products out or run for their life.

And besides, Pimax might have been broke by now if they hadn‘t released their products in 2018, already being delayed by 1,5 years, because the backers would not have allowed them to sell any such headsets in 2018 to new customers while not delivering the backer versions claiming that they are just waiting to make them better but haven‘t gotten access to such panels yet, but hope they may one year later. That would have been fun, wow.


I am sure they have the distortions but learned to ignore them…


Uhh… No. I never saw any distortions on Normal FOV, unless I increased the facepad thickness (so I keep it as thin as I can, without my eyelashes touching the lenses).


Very interesting, whats your Ipd?

If you move your head from the right to the left, everything stays perfectly in place like it does in the real world??


I haven’t replied much to these because I have never been quite sure what was meant, but your question clarification seemed to explain it better. Everything has always stayed perfectly in place for me as well. Ipd of 73 here.


Yes, nothing appears to shift or stretch. My IPD is 63mm. Software IPD is set to 0.


Stupid question here but you don’t wear glasses? Don’t you? been now a full time progressive glasses user, I’ve remarked that I now have a real tendency to keep my gaze straight ahead in VR even when not wearing my glasses. The distortions in the extrema of the field is not bothering me because

A: I keep the headset the closest I can from my eyes
B: those distortions are always in my peripheral vision because a look into the center of the lens

The only distortion that are bothering me is the wobbling of the world on the rotation of the headset like if the axis of rotation was not centered but done using a de centered cam gear.


Tbh I don’t see Distortions. Besides the few defects that came with my 5K+ Loaner the other flaw I see is that stuff at the edges even at normal FOV don’t render. This is really obvious in the Temple in Whiterun when playing Skyrim VR.


No, I don’t wear glasses. I experience both of what you said, a wobbly world and a fish eye effect more near the edges, both which are typical results of distortion, as valve also said in their blog