Feelings of a backer


This distortion thing is really random. I couple of months ago on version 144 you may remember me ranting quite heavily about how bad the distortion was on Arizona Sunshine.

But now, on 180 I see no distortion at all. maybe 2%

Either Pimax changed something or my brain adjusted. I don’t believe the last one as when it was fishbowling it was really specific like you could see objects elongating as you turned your head.

It no longer does that for me now.

I find it disturbing because Pretty Neat VR basically downvoted the Pimax for heavy distortion but in a month or so he might try it and it will be okay but I doubt he will update his video.


My point was your are probably more like I was 3 years ago when I bought my Htc Vive gazing right and left and therefore more ennoyed by the distortions in the extrema of the FOV…

For the wobbling of the world I think it’s bug in the fusion algorithms and not much to do with the raw optical system.normaly the horizontal rotational axis of the headset should be align with your spine not sure it alway the case with the pimax headsets


Your brain does a great job adapting what you see to what it thinks you should see. has a progressive glasss wearer the first 2 months were horrible now it not great but ok. Not saying pimax distortions are ok just saying every optical system has his limits and the brain will eventually compensate, these adaptations could bad for your normal vision though


So true. Due entirely to VR, I now sometimes notice that my binocular convergence is messed up in real life. That is, my left eye view shows objects a little below the right eye view.

I never noticed this in over 50 years of seeing the real world, but when Pimax added the vertical offset feature, I adjusted it and discovered I see a much better 3D effect when my left eye is at +5.5 and my right eye is +8. It’s even better if I set the right eye to +10, but then after VR, it can take and hour or more to return to “normal” (non-doubled) vision.


Yes, @sjefdeklerk is noob on VR gaming :beers:


Your average first-time user… :crazy_face:


Yeah, he even breaks his toys!


Maybe speak with an optician about this, I am sure these settings are not good for your eyes…


Wait… It’s not supposed to look like that in real life? :pleading_face:


Um, the condition was apparently always there, I just never noticed (due to brain adaptation?).

It’s not just lower, it tilts a little down and to the right. I don’t notice it much of the time. I mostly see the issue when I’m tired. With a bit of concentration, I can make everything line up.

I guess this means I see less distortion with my 8K, than I do in real life! :laughing:


I’m no optical expert at all. But the people at Valve seem to know a thing or two about distortion and according to them:

"Geometric Stability: As FOV increases, it becomes harder and harder to accommodate distortion and keep the image geometrically stable. Instability comes from many factors, but is most clearly manifested as a wobbliness in the world, where things that should appear solid instead undulate like gelatin as you move your head. We believe that providing geometric stability is a critical aspect to long term comfort and sustained growth of VR usage. "

And that’s exactly what I experience with the pimax 5k+. An easy way to see it, in my experience, is in virtual desktop, to turn away from the screen, look at the universe and then rotate your head several times in a circling movements, you’ll notice the ‘gelatin’ world very easily. Things just move when they should not move at all. And when you put on the Index, everything stays correctly in place, no wobbliness at all, everything is ‘solid’, like it should be.


Exactly my experience between my )k+ and Index. Now if Index never existed then Pimax would be my clear HMD of choice but since wearing the Index I got use to the rock solid display. The only thing the Index lacks is more FOV.


For me the same now,i only use the index now…

if the valve index had the normal field of view of the pimax it would be amazing…

And if it was rgb oled it was heaven!

By the way I have my pimax 5kplus for sale for 400 euro if somebody wants it(by the way I am from Holland)


For me its the same… At the beginning I simply tried to ignore it and live with it, but then I got the Index and it’s really hard to switch to my Pimax at the moment…


I was trying to figure out why the real world now has distortions around the edges :fearful:


You took the red pill?


Took both, and feeling pretty damm well :smile:
Can’t wait untill 3’rd week of oktober.


We’re already at week 2.


I agree 100%
I am happy that I sold my pimax 8k im December last year for a real good price. Anyway I couldn’t use it without basestations and controllers… And now the 8k+ is coming and I still have no controller and basestations.
I am also angry that the 8kx is now exactly what I wanted. On kickstarter they said it will not have an upscaler. Because of that and because they said I have to wait till Mai 2018 (what a joke) I decided to go with 8k. The 8k+ is what I expected to get.
If I could I would use the money that I got for the 8k to get the 8kx now. But unfortunately I need the money for something more important.
But I can feel with you and every other backer who thinks like this.


When you can buy 8k+ and 8k-x they should also have basestations, controllers you have to go with knuckles.