FeelThree - The Virtual Reality Motion Simulator


I truly wished the feel three would have been easy to assemble and dissassemble but that is not the case. It requires a space. That unfortunately made me gave up on it and chose the dof reality ( the 3 dof) and its upgrade to 6 dof.
I bet both the feel three and the dof reality will have their pro and con in their use for car racing sim games .


Unless you have attempted the assembly yourself, I highly doubt your claim.

Regardless, the ease of assembly is not necessarily tied to the surface area required in your house. These are two separate issues. Real estate is an issue, yes. Assembly will be a lot more complex with any system that uses actuators of any kind. Plus, the wear and tear on actuators far exceeds the wear and tear on a rolling system. This to me is simply physics.


I asked feel there about the assembly before the kickstarter campaign started and they told me that at 1st they planned to be easy to assemble (assemble the sphere) , then they figured out that that was not anymore the case.

As for tear, I know that for dof reality the tear of rolling parts is higher than the one of the actuators.

Let’s see how long the rolling systems will last compared to an actuator system

Dof reality offers different quality of motors for longer and shorter usage time


“you have to disassemble wheel & mount hotas and cant have it all together mounted.”

You can use both together if you like.


I believe what you say is true if you need to move it say once a week or even once a month: the initial assembly when receiving it is said to be a taking a complete afternoon, so it will be a couple of hours, which is nothing you would wish to undertake if you need to get it out of the way on a regular basis. But this would be spent mainly for the assembly of the sphere, which effectively is connecting the panels with bolts. Once the sphere and the base are assembled, these two elements could be moved without much fuss, I believe. Only if the disassembly needs to be brought to the level of deconstructing the sphere and base, you would see a greater work effort being required.
But @FeelThree surely can elaborate on it much much better…


Because the whole setup is that big, I would be forced to remove it everytime I am not using it. I live in a “sardine can” 1 bedroom apartment of Manhattan with two son of 3 and 5 years old…no room and no way to leave the feel three around :frowning:


Time to join another Kickstarter? This one worries me more than the 8K KS did, but dam!


This hobby of computers and virtual reality is getting to cost a lot. Too much, a much too much. Then there’s the IRL hobbies too.:anguished:


Snagged a super early bird right when the kickstarter opened!


my wife will never allow me to put this in my room… lol
(i want to tho)





The KICKSTARTER amount for the whole thing is over $2800us! Other than that, it’s supposed to be pretty awesome.


@Heliosurge Please add to the other FeelThree thread. Thanks.


Do you guys know how much would cost the feel three after the kickstarter end and they sell it to consumers on open market?


No, not really - the price Mark calls out on the KS page for the standard edition is 4,000 GBP, but that may be slightly higher than planned for retail just to give you the impression of a really really good deal with the KS price :wink:

But then again, it likely will not come cheaper than the current offerings, surely not in the early days. And with this kind of device you will not see any mass adoption anyhow, so I don’t expect too much volume effect to lower the prices down the road. If I were to guess I would think the base version needs to stay below 3,000 GBP for a chance on the retail market - unless its characteristics are so compelling, that it will outperform the current motion rigs. For flight sims that could really be the case, because there is no real competition below five digit priced systems, but for pure simracing use I don’t know.

There are still 5 pretty early worm pledges available, 38 h to go… :innocent:


Really good looking this ,but the price is painfully out of reach :expressionless: the price jump from 1500 to 4000 on KS is shamefully large