Female and cute oriented VR content


I’m trying to get my girlfriend interested in VR. So we can play together but I need content she would like.

She doesn’t like horror, monster or dinosaur stuff. She was extremely interested in Gnomes and Goblins demo. But that looks like it will never be a finished product


Does anybody have recommondations?


Not sure but this might be fun casual.




can’t find any Rebound



Weird, won’t load. Search “Rebound VR” in the Steam store and it comes up. But you can’t get it straight from Google. Bad SEO.


Ok found it. It looks like an active arcade game. I was looking more for fantasy and experience. Like the Gnomes and Goblins demo. Meeting a cute little creature. There isn’t much of that out there, is there?


Waltz the wizard is free.





Have a look at the multitude of vr pet games on steam… Some of the VR puppy ones are fun! Just ask my teenage daughter


Kitchen Simulator

runs away


I’m actually the one who does the cooking in the house. I get a lot of praise from women for that but the reality is I just want my meals to taste great.


i actually thought that was a joke! hahaha never dreamed it was actually a game! thought goat simulator was bad… but WTF!?


LOL, I was joking :slight_smile:

That’s a very poorly rated game, anyway, but there is a good one, if I can find it. Reviewed by Mack (Worth a Buy) recently.

aha, 'ere it be:

Overcooked 2 on Steam


Cooking is fun, but cleaning is the one that separates the men from the boys!

They really need to invent a robot that can dust!!! @Pimax hint hint


Overcooked looks indeed like good family fun but it’s not VR it seems


Yeah, I just realised I was not on topic, but:

The Cooking Game VR

Just need to throw in some pixies, trolls, and dragons.

Okay, I think I am now going a bit silly. Gonna go away now :smiley:


That’s why adults have kids. To clean up. :laughing:


As an experience I loved “Morgan lives in a Rocket House”

It’s short, but lovely and you can experience it through different scales which is very interesting.

In the cute department. Water bears VR is also great.

And maybe you want to look forward to the upcoming VR free addon of Slime Rancher.

Also shorts like Henry, The Rose And I, or the Google Spotlight Stories can help with the task.



It’s a long shot, but see if she likes OrbusVR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/746930/OrbusVR/
Another shot would be Hypatia: https://store.steampowered.com/app/401970/Hypatia/


If you mean Henry, The Hamster Handler, I’m sure she would like this.
It’s like Lemmings VR style but with hamsters.