Finally my PIMAX 4k arrived


Hello everybody, I am aware I am very delayed compared with most of you but I am haapy to announce that today arrived my PIMAX 4k and thank you to the great effort of many people there have been NO problems to install it, update, configure and see some vídeos.:smiley:

I was afraid that something went wrong nut fortunately everything seems to work fine.

I have also installed Oculus Rift in my PC and there have been no problem in the installation. There are problems with Steam VR because it was configured initially for Oculus. I will have to work further on that.

I can say that the video quality is better than Oculus, but as all of you know it is not 4k. Anyway the colours are quite interesting, I like them.

Thank you to all the people that helped me. May be in some years I will try 8k.:smile:


Qhd 1440p upscaled to 4k. Congrats!