First impressions Pimax 8K backer №974 (Google Translate form Russian) + Photo through the lens 8K



@Century, I also wear glasses and sometimes don’t use them in VR, but I wouldn’t skip them on a test on sharpness of a HMD. It’s not a big deal, but his pictures are very washed. The closeups are more interesting, especially the ones with text, it shows that there is room for improvement on the scaler…


I agree that for better vision and clarity it will be a little better with glasses. But even without them, it is perfectly possible to be in VR with small myopia and less notice SDE, this is like a small anti-SDE filter :grin:

The author of the review, meanwhile, has already made some opinions about SDE and FOV 8K vs Lenovo.
I quote:

SDE in Pimax 8K is better than in Lenovo, I compared in the game Subnautica, and without glasses it looks even better;). In Lenovo, I see large blocks of horizontal pixels, when looking at the sky, on a uniform color, vertical lines appear in Lenovo, they create an overlay on the picture, which makes the overall background uneven in purity of the picture. In the PiMAX, however, the grid is smaller and thinner; in fact, with a close look, you can see that the pixel pattern consists of small rhombuses that, because of their sequential arrangement, create a diagonal line, at least that is how the vision perceives it in general terms. In both cases, the overlay of the pixel grid is evident in the general and distant plans, in light and homogeneous areas, in the near planes the pixel pattern is not so obvious. As far as I can see, the whole trouble is that in the end both here and there the pixel grid is still visible, because of the different location it is difficult to compare them directly, but it is obvious that in the case of a pimax it is smaller and thinner.
Pixel patterns in Lenovo perceive eyes like this.

Lenovo vertical lines:



Lenovo bricks horizontally:



Pimax 8K diagonal grid:



Moreover, oblique lines go both to the left and to the right, in fact, they are lines created by the sides of rhombuses, sometimes the pattern is seen as a set of points (gaps between rhombuses), sometimes as rhombuses themselves, often as diagonal lines.

This is about pixels, their perception will ultimately naturally be individual to each.

As for the angle of view and perception of the picture as a whole, then Pimax 8K is definitely leading. Alternately, wearing a helmet and comparing pictures, once again make sure that in lenovo and similar helmets you look at the world is limited, it looks comparatively like this; in helmets with 90-110 degrees of view, you look through the round hole of the diving suit, and you look at the 8K pimaks through a diving mask. A review in the latter case is naturally bigger and better. Therefore, there was a clear reaction from the exhibition visitors when they were offered other helmets after Pimaks. In PiMAX 8K, the surrounding world looks more natural in scale, a wide scope of vision gives a more informative picture.