First meet up in Bangkok, review black dot vs no black dot version



I just make a meet up today at VR/AR company (CyberRex) in Bangkok Thailand.

After I get my old headset back, when I use it again I feel surprised.

  1. I am not familiar with the blue vertical line when move head (SDE).

  2. I feel that the old headset look more dark than the new replacement. This is look strange because when I test serious sam 3 , it look not bright than I ever tested before I ship the headset to other backer for testing.

  3. My friend not happy with the first one (black dot version) after testing for a period, but more happy when test the new one which has more brightness on other computer, I install the lucky tale.

If testing the 2 headset on the same computer and get the same brightness, may I assume that brightness setting for vive effect to pimax brightness.

I still let my friend at vr/ar company to test the 5k+ for a week and I will feedback about this again after get back from him.

Still not have time to check the cable issue about blinking of dot.

Other issue : I think that the headset still difficult to install although not use the base station. I can’ t make it success to be connected, but can make it to be connected after try to start “lucky game” in pitool and then can set room in Pitool after that.