First of a new gen Oled monitor on the market from Asus



As I hinted many times in this forum, that some never presented or announced before Oled panels could be as fast as much as 1000Hz…here is what Asus just announced:

a 4K HDR 22’ medium sized monitor with 0.1 ms refresh rate.

Tech is finally starting to be freed of the imposed limitations.


Asus ProArt-PQ22UC


Awrsome though. Dell made one & pulled as I recalled. But wasn’t 1000hz. If mem serves one possible reason to pull it was computer users are more apt to havr burn in due to static images more so than watching TV.

But definitely cool to see. Have they introduced something to prevent burn in?

Here is one article on cancellation

Guess they did have some things to prevent burnin and Asus not the first.



These are not real tech problems, none of the ones reported ever are…these are only examples where the powers are trying to stop the technology (with lies and fake news) when someone tries to start market a new, unapproved (from them) tech…there are currently ZERO problems with Oled tech whatsoever, most have been solved in the last 8 years or so…

Otherwise there would have been even no Oled Tv’s from so many years on the market…unfortunately these are still kept hw limited.

Taiwan will be a country to keep an eye on in the coming times, many new liberated technologies will be coming from companies in that country.


Well it’s good yo hear of the road blocks being removed to allow tech to move more forward.