Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) - Request



Hey guys,

Whilst I’m loving the performance boost with FFR in my simulators, I find it very distracting when I’m at low speed, such as hovering a helicopter or sitting in an aircraft on the parking ramp starting up. Would it be possible to blur the image similar to what FXAA does? The very low resolution rendering, even with the conservative setting is very “eye-catching”. It looks like a pile of Lego bricks moving around when I move my head.

I know the whole purpose of this is to improve the performance and adding something on that increases overheads isn’t ideal, but it might be a worthwhile compromise, even if it’s an optional setting for FFR


Personally, I don’t think FFR can be functional until we have eye tracking, I am the same and find the contrast way too severe and distracting, especially as the ‘sweet spot’ does not move with my eyes… Hence it is always off…


The sweetspot will not move because of the lense design…


Rendered sweet spot, not physical obviously… The whole benefit of FFR is to render a ‘sweet spot’ and blur the rest thus cutting down on amount of gpu work etc… Obviously this sweet spot would move with eye tracking to be right where you are looking…


Yes but the lense sweet spot will not change…
Try to look into the corners… Is it sharp for you?


My corners are a distorted mess lol…