For anyone still contemplating getting a Pimax 4K,Ebay has three for a good prices


Theres a seller right now, not me, on Ebay that has 3 Pimax 4K’s for sale. No reserve and bidding started low, around $25


Not myself. But nice price for sure if you can get it that low. 4k replacement screen for Xperia 5 is something like $60+.

I want an overhead projector. :smirk:


What brand are you leaning towards? 4K?


School like Overhead Projector. Put 4k panel on it with backlight removed. :wink:


Oh a DIY? Does that work??


One example may not need to remove backlight.

Artograph Tracer Projector And Enlarger

But more like this

There is also diy projects as well.


Sounds like me, if I dont have a project just ahead of me, then I wouldnt know what to do with myself :wink: .