For the people with the Pimax 4k Crash


@Pimax-Support After a long search of why my pc was freezing every time I connected the pimax 4k, I discovered that problem is with the AMD drivers. What I did after trying everything was to downgrade from version 18.2.3 to 17.7.1 which seems to be the only stable version for Pimax.
So this is for those who are with the Rx 4xx and Rx 5xx series video cards.
Now my question to the PiPlay software developers is:
When are you going to launch a new update trying to solve these problems with AMD video cards?


I downgraded to 17.12.1, which stops the crashing for me, but this problem really needs to be solved, fast.


I think that too, i don’t like to have an old driver version.


add @Pimax-Support to your posts, should help.


Oh ok, i will put that


Hi @Gjosecarlos003, sorry for the late reply because of Chinese Spring Festival, may I ask that have you restarted your PC after installing the Graphics card? Any feedback will be appreciated.:slight_smile:


I have this graphic card from a 1 year ago and i only have this problem with the last drivers, that’s why i think it’s just a problem with the AMD drivers.


Hi,this freezing issue may caused by AMD display care driver, not Piplay software. We have reflected to AMD, but up to now, there is no feedback from AMD. Therefore, please downgrade the driver version to avoid the issue from happening. We will continue to track this issue.


well got he same problem on my system, after testing some features, got the strange idea it can have sometink to do with the horizontal calibration funktion. Runned all possible combination of drivers and Piplay versions, problem still the same. Wuld be nice if PIMAX culd find an solution for that unresonable KEEP-ON disconnecting on that device.