Forget Valve Index and buy Pimax 5K+



Watch Pimax 5K+ DCS Through the lens Video!!!

and think, it has 170 FOV not 110


Better buy both, beside the base stations and controller will be needed for the Pimax :wink:


You only need Hotas or other non motion controllers


I wish the Index controller didn’t have that lump in your palm. It would have been better to track fingers another way and fold the trigger and pad out of the way so you can grip actual things, like a HOTAS.


Yes but the title is bias… for DCS only ok but the title suggest otherwise


Agree, I have a hotas and higher end steering wheel and xbox controller and I still feel held back without a true motion controller that the majority of VR games require. Many of my titles are sitting unused as I wait for those damn controllers. The VR experience is still half baked, half assed … even though I spend alot of time on DCS and ED, PC2 and Dirt Rally.


Furthermore even the most avid SIM pilot will want some time to try google earth VR or Apollo 11 HD. Hurting both you’re wallet and mind if you don’t buy these accessories and buy only the Pimax Headset.