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Rules Of Conduct

For sometime our forum has been experiencing difficulty respecting Topic threads; to be clear “I am just as guilty of this behavour

To this end we need to pull together as a community. Pimax is striving to become leader in VR. This involves more than just making the best headset that raises not only bar by providing high quality experience with Hi-res, 200 degree FoV & expandable modular design. The PiMax team has been focused on their part; working hard to create 3 fantastic headsets and have given us all the opportunity to be apart of this journey.

Unfortunately often we “The Community” are failing to realize what part we need to play to help ensure success.

To pull together we need to make this a hub for VR discussions by showing a level of proffessionalism ourselves.

To accomplish this we need to agree to help one another to stay on point in topics, instead of treating them as a “free for all, no holds bar.” Many have been calling for stronger moderation & truthfully it is time to layout a plan to improve the quality of Our Forums.

Going Forward:

Topic Threads:
Op Responsabilities

1) Put care into creating Topics. ie no more Trainwrecks or Topics designed to conduct attacks against individuals or organisations.

2) As the owner of the thread; help keep your topic on track. If a member(s) goes off topic be polite and remind them of your topics purpose; yes even if it’s me. If the member(s) continue to disrespect your topic request moderator involvement. ie @heliosurge with link to off topic post(s) & names of offenders. Now be fair & try to give them 2 chances to “get on topic”.

Topic Participents Responsibilities:

1) Respect the Op’s Topic & each other. Help the Op by offering a polite reminder to others when off topic.

2) Debate issues not people or organisations. Avoid accusations, insults, personal attacks. Debates can get heated which is fine but know your limits and take a break when needed.

Our forum has 3 tiers of Leadership:
-Admin (Top Level held by Pimax Team Representatives (Sheild)
-Moderator (Sheild)

Community Moderators & Leaders

-Give members a friendly reminder for those off topic
-Edit/Delete Posts that contain accusations, insults, personal attacks & offer a friendly reminder to respect one another. Take a screenshot of offence in case of dispute. If only Leader Level & need support use @Leader’s name or @community & if needed @moderators for support.

I beleive I am at present the only Community Member with Moderator Level.

In the hopefully extremely rare case where a ban maybe needed I will involve a Pimax team representative (however I might lower a members user level til Pimax is able to weigh in & advise) with the exception of bots ie we have had bots trying to promote pornvr sites.

I would ask that each member please help us avoid unnecessary unpleasant situations & keep the forum in harmony.

With updates or reviews that one finds unfavorable lets respond with dignity & respect; not innuendos. Ask questions & avoid demands.

Please discuss this here and provide feedback & suggest changes or extra rules. Let’s work together to make this the best place to discuss all things VR!

I have invited 3 Pimax Team representatives: @xunshu @matthew.xu @Pimax-Support

As we are guests here they have the power to make changes/additions and or deletions to the above.

Also understand that the Team chose it’s community Leaders & if they felt that any of their members chosen were “overstepping” they would revoke the priviledges given.

Rules of Conduct Discussion
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Pinned it globally & closed as @Enopho’s request.

Discuss via link below.

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