FOV is suddenly reduced!



Hi everyone.
I’m a happy Pimax 4k user, and I use in flight simulators usually.
Last week I use my headset normally with DCS, but when I change to prepar3D, the FOV is reduced.
Two black bands appear on the right and left and reduce the FOV at 90 degrees (+ or -).
First I thought is the Prepar3D. but from that moment it happens to every flight sim i use.
I don’t make any change.
I prove to reset… change parameters… but nothing.


Are you using pitool or piplay? @Enopho might have some ideas.


Hi there,

that is a very weird problem … and one that i have not experienced. I do not play prepar3d but do play DCS. the fact that there are lots of P4k users out there, and if it was a software thing i suspect the forums would be flooded with people advising there is a problem. so i suspect that it is going to be either corrupted Piplay/pitool or an issue with the headset.

i would suggest the following…

1st thing… check the video cables between the PC and the HMD… unplug them… wait a few moments and plug them back in in case there is a issue with them.

next flash the HMD’s firmware. Sweviver has done a video which includes these instructions goto about 12:15 mark. - admittedly it is for the 8K but works the same way for the 4K.

Once the firmware has been flashed and the hmd is refreshed, try the fov in steamvr home. if it looks better excellent… if not then a complete uninstall of pitool or piplay (including all the hidden folders) and a reinstall of it should be tried.



it’s very strange, cause in more than 1 year, the FOV of the headset function correctly.
But I only change from DCS to another flight sim… and appears the problem.
I must change my hardware (mainboard and processor) this week.
I will do what you told me and I tell you.
Thanks for the reply.


Today I updated my pitool to latest version and suddenly I have also a reduced fov issue!!! I see a big black bars in both sides and looks like the resolution in steam vr is odd…all games and steam vr and the pitool scene looks awfull…what the hell just happened???