FOV setting how



Anyone who know how the possibility to change fov technically works ?


Not sure what you mean. The FoV is changed in pitool settings & requires restart of steamvr.

Now if you mean how does it work inside pimax hmd?

The answer is it “blacks out” the unused FoV. Masking the. Unused parts of the panel.
[(…)] Wide
[…(…)] Normal
[…(…)] Small


So if you decrease the fov you not utilize the whole screen ?
You will have the same pixel density in all fov settings.


Yes same density. Just blacks out a portion on each side. Its purpose is to eliminate the distortion if you see it. Not to increase the amount of screen to the center of the lenses. Although that would have been interesting if we could have packed all the pixels into the small FOV or smaller. Effectively increasing the resolution and reducing SDE.


Would have been interesting to see a comparision of headset of the actual pixel density in vr.
The measuring unit should be pixel density per degree.
In that case maybe the resolution of 5k+ is worse than headset with less pixels and fov.


Just did a brief comparision between vive pro and pimax 5k+.
Vive pro res 1440x1600, 110 deg fov
Pimax 5k+ 2560x1440 200 deg fov

If I calculate on horizontal res you get:

Pimax 12,8 pix per degre
Vive pro 13,1 pix per degree

If you compare vertical you get a worse result for pimax

Is this correct ?