Friend asked me to build him a games pc



Was busy last night as one of my close friends asked me to build him a new gaming rig… Took a few photos during the build… He is going to be very happy :slight_smile:

64gb ddr4 3400
Dual water blocks
(1 on Gtx 1080ti using floor panel mounted radiator, and 1 triple sync radiator top mounted)
6x120mm rgb cooling fans
3x M2 970 evo with thermal sheilding



0-o The 1080ti is a major bottleneck on that system, surly a lower end CPU n spending the left over cash towards a 2080ti would have been the better move since the GPU is much more where the need is in gaming.

Theres a great gamersnexus vid on it but I can’t find it again (grr!) where Steve was saying about the only real time CPU starts getting really involved is when the res is really low and your going for real high frame rates so heres another which is a pretty good vid anyway:-

The thing is though, all these super-high frame-rates people go for is to be honest pretty pointless because your never going to see frames faster than the monitor can refresh anyway and the 5k+ is 80htz so 80fps with many monitors being 60htz so 60fps.
This doesn’t strictly mean you should set lock your max fps in game to 60 for 60htz n 80 for 80htz as setting locking your games FPS up to about 20% higher is where the cutoff in what your monitors going to show as noticeable is where its going to be ive found roughly.

Just set a game up running with no max lock fps n with settings so its running at 200fps or more then change nothing except lock the fps to 100 and you’ll see what I mean with there being no perceivable different on screen even though the fps itself is in fact halved.


Damn! Your friend is really fortunate to have your friendship. :beers::heart_eyes::+1::sparkles:


To be honest i was not impressed with the 2080ti, we have had quite a few of them coming through our offices here at MSoft and he is not looking for ray tracing in any of his games, so will he is going to skip this 20x series cards and save himself $2K and will wait for the next gen 30x or whatever - the 1080ti water cooled is plenty for what he wants it for…

also the gaming PC i built was not for the 5k, 8k or any other VR HMD… he purely wanted the best gaming rig i could provide with the parts i could get at the time.

He IS a 1st person gamer, and wants to play games on a better rig than his i7-6600k. i think this one fits the bill :slight_smile:

i am insulted that you think i would pair that rig with a 60htz monitor… think much bigger and very much faster :wink:



Depends on what your gaming re the CPU - modded Skyrim for example loves cpu and fast ram for scripts, is 64 Gb of 3400 necessary?


Well to be honest, I thought that the pair of modules were 2x16 gb, i didn’t have my reading glasses on when I put them in… Then when we were in bios at the end of the build I saw they were 2x32 gb and I didn’t have the heart to take them off him.
So his gain. :slightly_smiling_face:



Wowsers! Install games on a Ramdrive.:beers::heart_eyes::+1::sparkles:


Peasant …


he has three m2 drives in that rig.
so storage should be fine and very fast! he wants

1 m2 for OS/patches and user profile
1 m2 for games installs
1 m2 for desktop apps i.e. email, visual studio etc

2 of them are in the sheilded m2 module housing next to the ram (see last image), and the last one can be seen in the 2nd image sticking.out from under the maximus xi cover.


Then he drizzle it with windows 10 on top.


That is an awesome rig.


I wish my friends could do that! like yo here’s a 2080ti or a 1080ti