Front HMD (8K) light config



Hi guys, I do not know if this had been posted but I could not find it. Is there a way to control the HDM front light ??, when it is working is always blinking and when it is not working but power on it is always blue. Is there a way to be playing without the front light on ??? Thanks. :sunglasses:



No, it’s not possible to control it. I read it’s blinking when using parallel projection and solid otherwise.


In future said will have some control options. Blinking pp. When not in use best to unplug wall adapter(what I do)


Me too (unplugged adaptor), but I do not like the light always on and blinking, hope in future Pitools fix this or at least control it. Some kind of heat source (light always on).


Shouldn’t generate much heat being leds. & only really viewable for those not in vr. But yeah an option to control will be better once implemented. I just hope these are still RGB like the v2.