Full of anticipation


Hi @Fresco!


WOW! Awesome thanks so much you work fast! Really great you are that talented. I once though I had some artistic talent but I got an arrow in the knee.:laughing:

Edit: I know its just a trivial matter but I just couldn’t let it go I think the famous Skyrim meme at least deserves that. I have heard it so many times as others. What I should have written was " I was once an artist like you, then I took an arrow in the knee. " I feel better now. For some funny may I suggest watching some youtube meme’s about this phrase if your in the mood. Have a nice day!:slight_smile:


Haha nice reference :wink:


This is the early adopter principle in action. If the 8k delivers … talk about a viral product/marketing! It could become a standard example in a 101 class.



so, what will we get, when it’s finally here?


sometimes it’s better just to chill, right?


Japan! I know this. They saw people in those baths and copied it. Monkey see, monkey do.





You decide the one or if both should be wearing one… :slight_smile:






Hi Martin! Because you stated using only Pimax M1 for over a month now, I think it is about time to change your avatar image :grin:…but I don’t know what to do about your nickname . suggestions? still keeping it?:wink:


this is good and you should feel good.



It’s already well established his name is SweVR now.