Full of anticipation


Pink Panther: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBupII3LH_Q


Someone’s having to much fun here. You can’t do that, this is a place sanctified only for the most technologically advanced discussions about VR and what not.:laughing:


Technically, you are right. :sunglasses:


I know @George your having way to much fun by I appreciate it very much. :relaxed:


The flowers in her hair on the left side are good. The flowers on her rightside of her face are below/under the Pimax.


I love the adventure of VR we all are infected by. It is to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Live long and prosper


So true @George and being a huge Star Trek fan (original series), I absolutely love this last picture you posted of Leonard Nimoy. WOW do I love that guy.




@vorinami Beautiful man simply beautiful! I hope Pimax is taking note they could certainly learn a thing or two from you and the possibilities of aesthetic color choices in advertising or possible future model designs.


You found a way out! You meany… :slight_smile:
Right colorscheme. You are way too good. Wowsers!


just funny how you have same ideas :slight_smile:


How about an Ironman and WarMachine with the 8k as the helmet change & pimax symbol on the chest plate? :wink:


Live long and prosper!


Scorpion King (movie character)


Please do this :joy: :joy:



Look closely at that face. How can you say no to that?


When you say do… what exactly do you mean? :laughing:


SDE ?!?!


like this?

Pimax business version ID

@Heliosurge love the new look!:astonished: