Full of anticipation


it must be a good remake, like they did with Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango for example :wink:





Nice Memes Aeso.
To the others: cmon you can do it, show pimax some admiration while they arrive at the finish line!





Both are really awesome!
Also your 8K headset pictures really blend in nicely with the actual photo. Maybe you can show me some tricks? :slight_smile:
Anyway, Good Job man!



thx! i like yours, too! no special tricks, just tweaking the contrasts, black levels and so on.
Finally, I do have a lot spare time until I can put my hands on my 8k (53xx) :sunglasses:


It’s been a time for a new revolution!


I see…thx for your input so far! Guess we are the only creatives here on this board. “others: poke poke”


You missed VoodooDE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Edit : in the fellowship




It is as I’ve said. If you have never been involved in startup of a production line you can’t understand the meaning of what an M1 is. Yet it happens in almost every industry. A production sample is one taken right off of the same stream/line that is going into the hands of the client/consumer. The first items off of a line are taken off as samples and test units. Yet, while the samples are being tested, the line sits there like a dragster or a horse ready for the lights and the bell. Once there is a consensus that everything is up to spec and the people in charge say "Go!’, things happen very very quickly and accelerate until the quota or order is met. Samples should continue to be collected and tested along the way randomly. But you could say 95% of the time involved in a product is R&DandMarketing, and like a birthing mother it all shows up in the end all at once. If its not overwhelming, it can actually be anti-climactic (“that’s it?”). Folks, if the 8k even only performs a little better than the 4k, better focus, better LCD, for $500 you got yourselves a Hell of a Deal. Because NOBODY ELSE HAS A HORSE EVEN IN THE GATES!


Well said that man…I totally agree