Full of anticipation


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Not all puppets are bad, Swe. :joy:


Haha omg I love your stuff man! :joy:


Sweviver is sooo Kermitted.


on request by @Pimel


Ok guys, I am all set, let the show begin!:sunglasses:


I literally had a dream last night that everyone finished their reviews early so pimax lifted NDA. I think I really want this headset hahah


I spotted something terrible in your picture. 5 to 10 degrees of distortion.

Oh, wait, it is just a stretched out shirt. I guess @SweViver was drinking a bit too much beer at the backer meetup.


almost there, guys! Keep pushing!!
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The attention to detail in these is pretty great.



@SweViver :wink::grin:


@SweViver BIG kudos to your review! look so much forward to future videos!


That irked me a bit when I was watching SweViver’s review. He calls the headset Pie-Max (Pimax) 8k but he calls the software Pee-Tool (PiTool). Still the best review, though.

Reminds me of a video I saw once:

Bob: “Pass me the malk”
Josh: “What?”
Bob: “The malk”
Josh: “You mean milk?”
Bob: “That’s what I said.”


Josh: “Say milkshake”
Bob: “Milkshake”
Josh: “Now say milk”
Bob: “Malk”

EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty62YzGryU4


You don‘t want to see his pee-tool… surely pretty big…:wink:



How is your swedish pronounciation?


Probably pretty bad, but I think it would be consistently bad.

The thing that irked me about his pronunciation was the inconsistency. As an extreme example, imagine someone constantly switching from a heavy Southern drawl to a British accent.


He addressed it on stream. Looked like he just didn’t connect the two names and now it’s a habit.