Full of anticipation


One day the three musketeers will get to relax and smell the flowers.


General internet rule: in a comment on use of language (errors), there is always a language error too… :smirk:


In the Netherlands we have the same thing. We watch many USA, UK, Australian, Scottish and Irish TV series and movies. They are all subtitled. No dubbing in our own language. This way we develop our ability to learn foreign languages. Only thing is, we mix all the accents in very different ways. So it doesn’t feel right for other people, underwhile we still think that we are doing a hell of a great job speaking and writing English ourselves. :smiley:

I have lived in Stuttgart, Germany, for 6 months for my study. In that time I went to the movies there. I watched the movie Cool Runnings (yeah, that long ago). The movie was dubbed in German language of course. The funny thing is the culture of the Germans being exposed a little. The movie is about a Jamaican Bobsled team. But the hardest laughs inside the theater were for the Swiss Bobsled team. Apparently they dubbed the Swissversion of German in perfect Swiss accent and that made the audience laugh their asses of. It was the countdown outloud ‘3,2,1’ for the Swiss team. :slight_smile:

So language… it is a fun place to be when you can wonder yourself for all the miscommunication existing :slight_smile:


that will be me xD xD xD


Damn. I double checked it, but it seems i double checked it wrong. :smiley:


In the end I suppose the decision might be someting like this for many of backers :slight_smile:


On this pentile OLED screen I’m looking at, it appears that the 8k is a bit lower thus heavier. Is that gonna be your choice then? :wink:


No, this is justice. We need:


At first I backed for 8k (in the high 5xxx) , but then I wanted to get it earlier and bought 3 others from other backes (the lowest ist 11xx), totally 1 5K and 3x 8K. As, I believe, many will switch to 5K plus I might stay with 8K if like this I can get it sooner. Depending on impressions I might switch other 3 pledges to 5K plus. Then keeping two best sets and selling other two. But at the moment I am waiting for news about further improvements ( PiTool, Brainwarp). So no final decision yet.


You must have a whole set of heads.


you are right! i look something like this - sometime soon, i hope :grin:


coming soon for sure!


Vive will keep its original price


So I see share prices falling for them then… would be a very stupid decision for HTC to make, but on the other hand, i wouldn’t be surprised neither :sunglasses:


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Thx Martin and Sebastian for your cool live stream yesterday! Next time maybe Thomas also can join in! three musketeers united :wink: cheers !


Thanks for your incredible pictures!!!


Indeed he even gave @SweViver hair! :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:



Haha priceless! Love your work man! :slight_smile:


Best thread ever! Thanks guys!