Full of anticipation


Yes the idea. Where as they patented the application for vr. But yes it will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Are you serious?! How is that even fair?


Might as well patent the shape of the wheel so people can only use square wheels


Indeed. Was not amused to see them do it.

Now if you check out the Dev from the Berlin meet he does say that Curved displays will create rendering challenges.


Samsung also made a similar patent;

But as @geoffvader said it was in the public domain before, I hope we can see more curved headsets than the ones from oculus and samsung, or just make a better/different patent.


True but patent wars cost money & both companies are likely to ensure it’s not easy.


They patented the curved displays, Pimax could patent the curved housing needed to apply the curved displays, so if Oculus want to use the curved displays they would need the Pimax permission and if Pimax want to use the curved displays they will also need the oculus permission :wink:


True but I’m sure they have that in the works for their half dome. :coffee::wink::+1::sparkles:

Either way sneaky & underhanded.


They might as well do thIs.

Basically two ping pong balls cut in half with curved microled displays.


They testing the prototype already


That’s a nice design and render, does the HMD flip up?

While everybody else is trying to miniaturize tech and use weight saving alternatives (e.g. Fresnel lenses) I think that weight and comfort are always going to fight each other and delay advancement.

So one concept I have always thought about is something like a lightweight full size motorcycle helmet to solve the even-weight distribution and where the visor is would just be the panels which can slide up leaving an open gap, just like a normal helmet.

The advantages of such a design is so other components can be added to the helmet with very little effect on comfort. e.g. Wireless transmitters, full (private) internal surround sound speaker system, completely blacked out, tracking could be all over it to solve the issue of inside-out rear tracking calibration on non-rigid surfaces. Not only that it saves your entire head if you happen to fall over or run into something :smiley:

And to take it a leap forwards, it could be something a future augmented soldier would use with a built in computer, motion detection alerts, night vision, full heads-up-display, armor plated, comm linked, binocular vision etc etc.



That would be interesting. It should be well ventilated though.


It could have air con :slight_smile:



Fixed it!



People will do it anyway despite the large letters man. People love to panic :stuck_out_tongue:


Dead memes anyone?



Does that mean that you got yours?!!!
Edit: I can’t figure out if you got yours and modified your quick start guide or if you pulled that out of your arse? Either way I like it, but I’m hoping that you finally got your Pimax!