Full of anticipation


Haha yeah I considered that one but the da vinci drawings were just to tempting. :grin:

Thank you for your kind words…this was the most difficult one for me to make.


That is just awesome :joy: nice!


The right pane is convincing. It looks awesome. Very awesome!
The left hand side though, the Pimax is horizontal, while the face is slightly facing to his left (our right).
The pimax does not have the same authenticity on the lefthand side. Sorry.


Youre right…I fixed the angle…should be fine now.
Glad you like it overall though. :slight_smile:



But is she smiling? hard to tell if she’s enjoying it! is she still under NDA to tell us? :wink:


@spamenigma No, she is too busy frantically looking for the SDE… :stuck_out_tongue:


The coloring in the left pane is a little more charcoal than it should be, the dark parts are more brown / yellow in the right pane. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, even Sumerian people seem to knew something :wink:


Just stop it! Too Funny! Some talented photoshoppers here!!


I promise to stop as soon as I get my Pimax 8K ! :grin: :wink:


If you ever wondered what Whistler´s Mom was doing between painting sessions with his son…



a classic and nice one, I almost did the same :slight_smile:


My personal favorite is still the 2001 moon monolith.



only for you :wink:


Love this one as my background


Yeah, me too. :+1: All that dark area works well as a desktop. Plus, 2001 is one of my favorite movies.


Yea, it’s a cinematic and conceptual masterpiece, hard to hate on that. I hear that sound from this scene too when I look at it…