Full of anticipation


Yes, it is. It’s hard to believe it was released 50 years ago. It’s probably my wife’s favorite movie. For her birthday, I spent $90 on a rerelease of a 2001 Space Odyssey art book. She loved it! :slight_smile:


Great! Now even more awesome! Well done. :heart_eyes:


Well this thread is taking on a life of its own…well done brothers!
this new Dali mockup really resonates within me, with all the waiting and hoping we still all have to endure…nicely done! :+1:




That’s awesome, DaHillersen, superb!


Bro your photoshop skills are on another level, wow.


Folks, if the 8k even only performs a little better than the 4k, better focus, better LCD, for $500 you got yourselves a Hell of a Deal.

Exactly my thoughts since months :grin: Hope, we are right :wink:

@ all the talented people here:
Great jobs, can’t stop laughing when looking at some of them. Really great :+1: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Anybody tried the evolution of man picture?:thinking:


Nice idea.
Go For it!


I would love if it could actually do that.


I a total noob when it comes to photo shopping. … I’ve just thrown the idea in the pot for one of you experts :slight_smile:



Its maybe, just maybe a supporting song for the pimax commercials:
You aint seen nothing yet



8k little more to the left. and less bright. Make it as bright as the jacket.



Lol…what is that?
great one anyway.


Ok not even pimax :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
its the ipd
plus idont have photo shop