Full of anticipation


or do i


alien isolation anyone?


Use Gimp 2, is free.


I was born to VR :smiley:


allocen, did not know you were a m1 tester as well.
this leaked from another forum





Lol that’s a perfect image for the Evolution of Man picture, absolutely perfect



Well the above post is the perfect trigger for me to add that this thread is pure gold :smiley:

Some great photoshop work there folks :slight_smile: My favorite so far was the salvador dali one :smiley:

Keep em coming I’d say!




That is really awesome


Thx mate! :blush:
I will keep posting from time to time, just because it’s fun and i find it relaxing. Except you folks think it’s rather annoying :no_mouth:
But then finally I somehow do have to keep me busy in my freetime as long as I keep waiting for my PiBaby :wink:


Same for me…dude!
Glad to see some others jumped into the boat!


(disclaimer: I m by no means an apple fanboy…quiete the opposite actually !)


I like it! Catchphrase to the point! Exactly what Pimax 8k\5k headset is about compared with the competitors!


Exactly what I was thinking of…bravo


You never know what Apple is up to. Maybe they plan to bring out a headset, too. So, if Apple already didn’t, i would consider to make it a trademark :grin: and maybe sell it after on to Apple with a profit :wink:


Thanks to both of you. Yeah, Pimax needs some good branding for sure.


What “trademark” do you mean?