Full of anticipation




Oh man, imma scream like a little kid when it arrives. That hyped i am.


(For those of you, who dont know whats all about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpaK4CUhxJo )



( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjI2J2SQ528 )



I think that two-tone grey color would be a great choice for the Pimax 8k business model, looks classy and and wouldn’t show fingerprints as much. Nice work again. Something maybe to consider forwarding.:thinking:


@DaHillersen Maybe use Pimax as Palantir the all seeing stone?


My niece would prefer this combination :grin:


Maybe Pimax could do something similar to the xbox controller for an extra cost, you could completely customize the color of the housing on-line and then have it delivered. Of course this something possible only in the future after the backers have received their Pimax 8k model.


Hmm I don’t know, you really want visual style to be recognizable. Especially as a new brand.


Yes that is true I’m just dreaming while I wait. I think the shape of the Pimax 8k really in itself is a bold and very recognizable statement hard to match. But yeah branding is so important and I totally agree.



and for all the star wars fans…


Wow! What a view from the observation deck.:astonished:




Haha they sure are funny, keep it up!