GameStar Pimax 8K / 5K+ Review: NextGen VR With Extreme Wide FOV


Dear community,

one of Germany’s most important videogame magazines has published a 6-page Pimax 8K and 5K Plus review today. If you want to read and Google translate it in its entirety, you can find it here:

I had invited Dennis Ziesecke, the author of the review to the MRTV headquarters and he could check both headsets with any kind of software he wanted, for several hours.

I have translated his conclusion for you here:

"Pimax has one problem: they’ve been promoting the 8K as a top model in the past, and their successful Kickstarter campaign was based on the promise of 8K VR. The predecessor model Pimax 4K is also slightly misleadingly named, since it also is not a real 4K display that is being used. Now it seems that during the development work on the Pimax 8K, the company was surprised by its own development successes with the Pimax 5K+.

In my opinion, the Pimax 5K + is the better product - the input resolution of the graphics card is the same like that of the Pimax 8K and I personally prefer the native input signal of the 5K + and the selected panel type. There are also fewer distortions with the 5K+ and the absence of the upscaler of the Pimax 8K creates a slightly sharper picture. On the 8K, the blur, on the other hand, has to be tackled with more resource-consuming supersampling.

I noticed the ScreenDoor Effect only when I consciously focused on it - in both models, and then SDE was less disturbing in the 5K+, at least in my perception. I’m not a pure simulation player, but I prefer hectic gameplay. As what the color representation is concerned, I noticed less differences in the test compared to the through the lens pictures that were taken. The cooler color temperature of the 5K + did not have a negative effect, but should still be optimized by a color profile.

My choice will therefore be the Pimax 5K + when mid-October pre-sale starts - and those who were not backers can buy they headset. Those people will have to wait at least until the beginning of 2019 for a delivery though. With the launch of the pre-orders finally the price of Pimax 5k+ and 8k will be known. So far, the pricing for both Pimax models is apparently still being worked on.

Nevertheless, the large field of view in conjunction with the huge sweet spot and lack of god rays is a definite reason for buying, at least for VR enthusiasts. For the mass market, however, Pimax will still have to put a lot of work into the two VR headsets and, above all, minimize the distortions.

Anyone who expects an easy to use VR headset for beginners is still better served with Sony’s PSVR, despite its outdated technology (even if the PSVR age is obvious especially in direct comparison with the Pimax hardware) - or should wait for Oculus Quest, which does not even require a gaming PC.

But if you want to make your high-end graphics card sweat, the Pimax 5K+ is a first-class choice. As a reward, you will get the best VR experience on the market."

I hope that was helpful for you! Sincerely, Sebastian


At least despite not beeing OLED “Better blacks than on Oculus Go” Thank God!!!


Any other key parts not represented here?