GeForce RTX - Who's excited?


So, Nvidia is about to announce the GeForce RTX series. The live stream starts in just over half an hour.

These cards are based on the Turing GPU that Nvidia revealed last week at Siggraph and they will bring Real-time ray tracing performance to gamers.
These cards should also be a significant bump in performance over the 1080Ti, which should enable the Pimax 8K to run very well.
The new cards will have NVLINK interfaces, which replaces the SLI connector. I predict that you’ll be able to double your memory by connecting two cards together, just like the Quadro RTX lineup.

These cards will also feature the new VirtualLink USB Type-C connection, which would enable single cable VR headsets (power, data, video in one).

I’m getting pretty hyped about the news. How about you guys?


Right there with you !
I’m just hoping that they announce 2 Cards,
The 2080 and the 2080ti …
Would suck to not be able to buy the faster card.


Both cards are basically confirmed now. There’s been over a half dozen leaks.
Asus, EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte, PNY, Inno3D, Palit all have 2080 and 2080Ti cards coming.

Looking expensive though, 2080Ti could be as much as $1200. 2080 is possiblly $799.


Oh God I hope it’s not 1200$ …
Please noo :sweat_smile:


Here’s the leak that suggests that price.
Zotac’s cards are listed as $1000 MSRP, which is odd because they usually use prices that end in 9.


I don’t expect any raytrayced games for VR soon, so rather meeh. Wait for content then check again.:rolling_eyes:

Guess this was the last time Mr. Huang launches a product in Germany. The crowd was rather silent like polietly clapping most of the time, like “ok, we already know all that, not surprised”


Why would it take very long? Non VR games with this feature will release next month already.


I thought he did a great job. The crowd was really lame, not sure why, I found most stuff really/extremely impressive.


because the marketing money goes elswhere, VR is a niche still. We have to wait until one of these games gets a VR version retrofitted. Don’t expect nVidia pumping money into a native VR only title when they have to focus on the mainstream first…


Well the cool thing about it is that it seemed extremely easy to implement. You simply flip raytraced lightning and shadows on and the GPU calculates everything. I think studios can implement this rather quickly.




ship 20 september, nice


yeah, the raytracing is impressive. But I guess the crowd already got the catch that all the superior performance was just compared to zero raytracing capabilities of Pascal.
So before bein able to judge the real rasterizing performance vs. Pascal has to be measured, then the raytracing is an extra.
Actually for BF5 it was way too overdone, hope they have some sort of setting to tone it down to more realistic levels.
The irony on that demo was, that the Physix was totally screwed, we still can’t enjoy persistant objects from physix effects cluttering the scenery.


i would bet dual gpu rendering in GameworksVR was just as easy if not easier. Wait and see. Without mining prices can only go down.


Well that didn’t last long,



hehe LOL. I’m going to wait for the MSI anyway. I always love MSI for making the most silent cards.


Ahh man … The 2080ti is 1260€ :frowning:


2080 Ti (non FE, third party) = $999 - Base Clock: 1350 Mhz, Boost Clock 1545 Mhz - 250W
2080 Ti FE (OC) = $1,200 - Base Clock: 1350 Mhz, Boost Clock 1635 Mhz - 260W


Ah great to hear !


With these new cards released we should hopefully start seeing more gen 2 announcements

I bet Oculus already have a CV2 prototype with the new connector. Funny the 8k will be released without it