German gaming site tests 8k and 5k+


For everybody who can not speak German:

  • 5k+ better then 8k
  • best VR experience on the market

edit: Gamestar is I think the biggest german pc gaming magazine in Germany, so this is really good news for pimax. Thanks to mrtv


Its Sebastian again, we already know what his opinion is.


No, sorry it is not. It is the journalist Sebastian had over for a visit, who showed the iconic reaction to trying out the Vive Pro after using the 8K and 5K+.
His name is Dennis Ziesecke. Sebastian is mentioned as co-author though I would think that that is mainly due to the fact that some of the background information on Pimax was shared by Sebastian when they met and that led to him being mentioned as co-author.


and what a reaction, lol, he treated the Vive like it had disease on it… :slight_smile:


You could resume in 1 point instead of 2, 5k+ is the best vr experience on the market.


rough translation of the conclusion for the not german speaking fellow forum buddys: happy reading…

"In my opinion, the Pimax 5K + is the better product - with the resolution of the graphics card there is no difference to the Pimax 8K, I personally even prefer the native control of the 5K + and the selected panel type. There are also fewer distortions and due to the absence of the upscaler, which controls the image of the Pimax 8K, the 5K+ creates a slightly sharper picture. On the 8K, the blur, on the other hand, has to be tackled with more power-consuming supersampling.

The Pixel grid or SDE I noticed in the test only if I have consciously focused on it - in both models. And then they were less disturbing in the 5K +, at least in my eyes. I’m not a pure simulation player, I prefer to be in hectic games. In the color representation, I noticed less differences in the test as it may seem in the light of detail photos through the lenses. The cooler color temperature of the 5K + did not have a negative effect, but should still be optimized by color profile.

My choice will therefore be the Pimax 5K + when pre-sale starts in mid-October - who was not with the Kickstarter will have to wait at least until the beginning of 2019 for a delivery, maybe even longer. With the launch of the pre-orders the price of Pimax 5k + and 8k will also finally be known, so far, the pricing for both Pimax models is apparently still in full swing.

Nevertheless, the large field of view in conjunction with the disappearance of the sweet spot and the annoying Fresnel effects is a definite reason for buying, at least for VR enthusiasts. For the mass market, however, Pimax will still have to put a lot of work into the two VR glasses and, above all, minimize the distortions.

Anyone who expects an easy-care VR glasses for beginners, is still better served with Sony’s despite outdated technology (even if the PSVR has aged especially strong in direct comparison with the Pimax hardware) - or should wait for Oculus Quest.

But if you want to bring your new high-end graphics card to a real test, the Pimax 5K + is a first-class choice. In return, it is still the best VR experience on the market."



It is a nice gesture that he mentioned me as co-author even though I did not contribute anything other than giving him full and unrestricted access to the devices.


Can we give Sabastian a break… jeez…