Getting really tired of this bullsh*t



I’m a kickstarter backer, for over $1K. I did all the surveys they gave me, so I was surprised when they didn’t ship it at the beginning of the year, but whatever. I gave them all the info they needed at the start of February. Nothing for months. Start of April, I create a support ticket. (I’d been emailing before that.) It’s now late may, and I’ve been given the runaround for most of this year. I’m getting really f**king tired of it.



‘Can you open a new ticket? This one is 25 pages long.’

So after many months and 25 pages, the solution to this problem is have him open a new ticket, rather than just give him his hmd.

No thought of 25 pages of lying to this man and we still haven’t sent what he paid for…just the thought of let’s have him jump more hoops.

Pimax being pimax.


This is so sick man…


This is why I highly recommend everyone who asks me about the Pimax to stay far, far away.


I am so glad I decided to flip my 5K+ on ebay days after I received it. This forum has just been a shartshow re-assuring I made the right decision.

I do feel kinda sorry for the dude who bought it, though.


@Strong_Thread could you please DM me with the ticket number and I will look into your issue.



Thankfully they just gave me my tracking number, though they’re also saying stuff like “if they change the date suddenly, there’s limited things I can do.”


Oh! The tracking number just updated! Delivery tomorrow!