Getting to be time to build a new rig


My PC has been ready for an upgrade for a long time. Fact is at this point, I’m running 80% resources while idling and having difficulty running Terraria. I’ve known for some time that this time was coming. I’d planned to build a new rig a year ago or so, but then Pimax came along. I’m no fool, I suspected the hardware requirements might change, so I held off on building a new rig until the actual headsets were available.

Well, here we are, and it looks like the headsets are going out, and I find myself in a bit of a quandry. I am an 8Kx backer. It seems clear that even a 2080 Ti is not going to cut it.

Here’s what I’m thinking: build a new rig, with 1080 Ti. That’ll let me enjoy the 5K+ for the life of the loaner. Then, presumably a year or so down the line, once the 8kX is sent to me I can just swap out for a 3080 Ti (which presumably will be out by then, from all I’m hearing). Hopefully that will be enough to be able to do the 8Kx justice. This is not an ideal solution- it sounds like a pain in the butt and expensive to boot, but it’s the best I can come up with.

Any suggestions from you folks? Anyone else going down a similar path and figuring out their strategies? I’m socking money away for Cyber Monday, you’d best believe it.


My 2 cents… upgrade to the 1080ti or 2080ti and enjoy your 5k plus and VR gaming now. Nvidia usually releases new cards every 2 years (the 1080 released May 2016)
I would not wait until 2020/2021 to target the 2030. Who knows what will be out then or what new technology will become the best solution for VR (stand alone units)???


I’m not so sure the 8KX is a year away, all parts are basically ready


I think you’ll see a bunch of Black Friday deals on parts. Especially the 1080 Ti as inventory finally comes in for the 2080 Ti. If you can wait a bit longer you’ll save a bunch (or maybe can afford more ram / bigger SSD).


I’m sorry, I should have said that I was going to wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to buy the parts for the new rig. But I appreciate the heads up- if I didn’t know about it, I’d have been upset afterwards.

There’s also a lot of noise that Nvidea is going to need to roll out the 3000 series early next year.

While the 8kx shouldn’t take all that much in theory, I’m not going to hold my breath. Among other things, it isn’t going to be a priority for them to develop- their priority for the immediate future is going to be to get commercial units manufactured and shipped. Which is as it should be- they need to make sure their business is sustainable before they fuss with 400 customers. It sounds like there are still bugs to iron out with the 5k+ and the 8k and I have no doubt that this will be the focus of a lot of their work. Additionally, there are all the addons that need development and have been put on the back burner. Again, more commercially viable than developing the 8kx for 400 people. They already developed the 5k+ to be better than originally promised.

They may also want to wait for something in particular to come out to make integration better/easier.

I say this as a scientist who has spent his fair share in the lab- while something seems like it ought to be simple, straightforward, and easy, it never, ever is. How are they to manufacture it? 400 units of a non-commercially produced headset is not much to use their manufacturing capabilities for, but is that really enough to do the necessary retooling? Will they need to make them by hand instead? 400 units made by hand is quite a task.

Meanwhile they’ve handed us loaners to keep us happy while we wait.

I say this from a place of respect for the sheer amount of work necessary on behalf of Pimax- I don’t see us being Pimax’s priority. I have no doubt that the 8kx will eventually get into our hands, but their focus needs to be on making a profit. They’ll have two units rolling out onto the market and a whole slew of accessories that need development- the individual lensing, the hand tracker, the wireless module, the controllers, the beacons.

I also admit that I’m hoping they’ll wait so they can use better quality components like OLED screens. I know that probably isn’t likely, but hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?