Glasses Adapter Questions


It seems that a file was posted today for the glasses adapter - I have two questions

1- what is the format? its not in an .STL or something I can 3dprint myself - can we have a version we can 3d print?

2-what do I do and where do I go for the actual lenses for this? that was not made clear in the email

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It’s STEP format (.stp). Here is a decent primer for 3d printing STEP files:

Just keep in mind some of the pieces are rather thin so you might have to modify to get it to print with some 3D printers.


If i get glasses for this will that fit in the eyetracking when that come?

Guess i simple should mirror it for the other Eye.

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OK - I got that converted and into - once I get this printed what do I do? take it to an optician? or is there an online company I need to order lenses from?

any recommendations on what to print this in? PLA? etc etc




I think it’s likely that lenses made for the PLA will not properly fit into the Eye module. The eye tracking module has some differences in shape.

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I just realized that we’re using the same acronym :slight_smile:

by PLA I mean the material - Polylactic acid - and not Pimax Lens Adapter :slight_smile:

is it recommended to print using PLA material, or should I be using something else as my material?

Also, do I just take this to my optician and have them essentially treat this as a glasses ‘frame’ to make custom lenses? or do you already have a partner that can tool do this?

Happy to use either or, I just need direction



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Ok thx then i will wait for the Eye tracking Before ordering glasses.

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Okay I must be as blind as a bat. Can someone post a link of where to get the Pimax Lens Adapter?

I think its worth trying with PLA, the biggest thing to be concerned with is the fill rate for rigidity, you want this to be at a high percentage. ABS is a more rigid material but it is a little tougher to get a quality print with. If you have the option, use ABS.


thanks for the link!

Thanks Thall, I will give that a go first


By the way everyone - here are the calulated prices from shapeways to print them if you don’t have a 3d printer – my printer is on order and won’t get here until next year, so I will likely get shapeways make my pair

anyone have any suggestions on what to go with from that list?

Now the question is how do we get our lens

Yes. That’s my only question. Where do we get the lens and does it require full coverage of the frame or can it just sit in middle etc?

I have one on my rift that lens sits in middle and it’s fine but not sure with the wide fov this would be ok for pimax.

Definitely need further clarification from them please.

A friend of mine suggested just taking the printed adapters to like a LensCrafters or any company that makes lenses, and ask if they can do it, he says they have to make custom lenses that fit weird frames all the time.

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Yes that works, i asked a Company that sell glasses and tehy simple sad bring in the adaptors and we give you a price and fix it.

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Let me know how that turns out. told me 6 months ago:

Unfortunately we will not bring our own adapters. But we will fit the glasses in the frame from Pimax.

Now the frame exists, maybe they’ll work on it if we’re enough of us to ask them.

@PimaxUSA : Is this the official frame from Pimax?

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I just emailed them to see if they can do it now.

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So i found this place

It seems they make lenses for custom frames. I just messaged them to see if they do that