Glasses Adapter Questions

How do they attach to the headset?

good news from VrOptician:

thanks for the information, highly appreciated! Did they write a post about that as well, I wasn’t able to find any announcement for that.
We’ll check the design though, and also, if this means that Pimax isn’t planning to release them themselves anymore, we’ll probably look into offering some instead.

Can a Pimax member confirm if this is the final official vr frame?

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu

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Thanks @Korgen for bringing the CAD model to our attention. I gave the model a shot and can at least tell you so much that this is not a frame for prescriptions inserts. Instead it looks to me like the CAD model for the upper part of Pimax’s lens socket. It fortunately is still very helpful for creating a model that wraps around it.


Lensabl asked for a picture to see if they can do it. Sent them a picture and hopefully they can.

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Well that was quick they said they think they can do it but need a picture of the real thing. Anyone can print it out and send me the picture of it. I dont have a 3d printer. Krogen are you able to print one real quick unless you dont have a 3d printer?


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Sure, it can be ready for tomorrow. But what kind of picture do they need? I’m afraid they can’t see the scale on a single picture and my headset is on RMA (I can’t mount on it atm)

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Just a picture of the adapter. If you can take every angle that would be great.

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I still want to know how they attach. Is the fit over the fresnels convex? If so the barreling will be bothersome to some. It was with VRLens Labs for many of us. I sent mine back for a refund.
Depending on one’s prescription strength the curvature of their lenses would vary, as would the fit and the barrel affect would be greater the greater the curvature.
I know I can’t tolerate it from VRLL experience, but I would not want to not have that info and have a lab making lenses I probably couldn’t abide.
If the curve is convex, I encourage people who haven’t look at barreling to flip their glasses over and look through the opposite side and ask themselves if they can adjust to it.
For my part, I don’t see how changing the way my glasses correct vision (concave) is good for my vision in the long term. It goes against the principles applied in optometry. Many get used to it but is that a good thing, coming in an out of opposite curvatures all the time?

If the adapter uses concave then where it mounts and the spacing is of interest.
I look forward to the first user’s posts.

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Will go ask what the price will be but will wait and do it on the eyetracking.

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I ordered some and should have it by next week hopefully.

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I had big fisheye distortion with VrLensLab Pimax lenses. They allowed me to keep them and after 2 sets it was ok. That was at the beginning of the production, they needed a few weeks/months to fix these defaults (at least for my prescription).

I doubt we can use regular lenses unless if we add depth. We’ll see ^^

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I made only 1 of them (the second one is the same, mirrored)

Black isn’t the best color, sry for the bad photo quality.
1st picture is top side (eye side) with pliers/clamp (I’m not sure the proper word in english lol) to get an idea of the scale.
2nd picture top side (eye side
3rd picture bottom side (headset side)

Print configuration: PLA filament, nozzle 0.4 mm, layers height 0.15mm, infill 100%

My impression is: it should be printed at 0.1 mm layers height and eventually with a smaller nozzler diameter, maybe 0.2 mm (especially for little curves that tightens the piece around lenses).

Anyway, the piece should be easily extruded to add prescription lenses IF the adapter is fermely maintained around Pimax lenses (prescription lenses add weight). I can’t test it, still waiting for my replacement 5k+, so if anyone can print and test I’d be interested to know if this adapter can support extra weight.





Can you show the side of it? Like pick it up and show the side. Also what 3d printer are you using


Alfawise U20 printer, but it’s not really important.

By looking at the side i wonder if that enough? Maybe vroptician is right?

Was looking for a 3d printer for my self.

It’s not a real prescription vr frame, but can be used as a base to modelise.
I don’t know if it’s an official file, uploaded by “fearless hearman” (it doesn’t sound professional). If it is, that’s a crude lie.
I hope Pimax will clarify soon!!!

Hello together,
i write in german because my english is not so good!
So wie Korgen schon schreibt,ich weiss nicht wie diese Adapter funktionieren sollen.
Man kann keine Gläser einklipsen(wenn dann nur einkleben) und ich weiss auch nicht
wie man diese Adapter in der Brille zum halten bringen soll.
Würde mich über ein Statement von Pimax freuen oder vielleicht eine Bedienungsanleitung.

Grüsse Thomas

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I’m sure glad I didn’t order these to be printed!! Come on @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu. Please clarify what the deal is with these Thanks!


I will keep bumping this until someone tells me what the deal with the prescription adapter.

@Matthew.Xu @SweViver @PimaxUSA

Still no news or anything. Bravo pimax