Glasses don't fit, neither do my eyes


Hi, I just received my headset. I was careful to check in a review that it would be ok with glasses, all good the man says and demonstrates. Yet when I get mine, I can barely fit my eyeballs in, forget my glasses. My eyelashes rub against the lenses. I’m sitting here thinking about trimming my bloody eyelashes, for the first time in my life I assure you. Is there supposed to be a second thicker face cushion in the box? Mine doesn’t have one, nor is there an eyelashes trimmer.


The eyelash trimmer is still being developed & will ship with the Hair clipper kit(just kidding) :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

The extra foam is not ready yet much yo tge dismay of many. Some are using VR Covers for Vive & others.

Another method is to use Peal n stick Velcro with Foam (perhaps peal n stick weather stripping foam) with Velcro use the Loop side and it should grab the oem foam.


Any updates on the thicker foam? I haven’t gamed on mine since I got it.