Glasses don't fit, neither do my eyes


Hi, I just received my headset. I was careful to check in a review that it would be ok with glasses, all good the man says and demonstrates. Yet when I get mine, I can barely fit my eyeballs in, forget my glasses. My eyelashes rub against the lenses. I’m sitting here thinking about trimming my bloody eyelashes, for the first time in my life I assure you. Is there supposed to be a second thicker face cushion in the box? Mine doesn’t have one, nor is there an eyelashes trimmer.


The eyelash trimmer is still being developed & will ship with the Hair clipper kit(just kidding) :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

The extra foam is not ready yet much yo tge dismay of many. Some are using VR Covers for Vive & others.

Another method is to use Peal n stick Velcro with Foam (perhaps peal n stick weather stripping foam) with Velcro use the Loop side and it should grab the oem foam.


Any updates on the thicker foam? I haven’t gamed on mine since I got it.



This is a quicker option than waiting for the thicker foam to be released:


Thanks for trying to help but I’m not looking to play arts and crafts, I’m dissapointed in Pimax for not simply providing them in the box or at least selling them, how hard is it? This is like if you bought a brand new car but it doesn’t have a drivers seat, and people on the forums say things like “oh you can just get a bean bag and put it in there or just try a kitchen chair”, fair enough, but why the bloody hell is the product like this?


There is a drivers seat in there but your butt needs extra padding to get comfortable :wink:

The default foam is designed to fit most faces so i dont think its a super weird choice to ship with it.

As for fitting glasses, well, i guess the reviewer had more pronounced brows and cheek bones combined with smaller glasses, you cant really fault anyone for that.

Korgen had an idea for how to solve this so we collaborated, have a look at the resulting thread if you are interested:


I can appreciate your frustration. However it’s more like having a driver seat that needs an additional Cushion to add comfort.

That being said it can be harder than one thinks. Everyone whom experiences an issue can say it is a top priority to fix.

Prioritizing tasks for completion is a challenge in itself with a lotting resources to complete needed tasks. If you keep changing focus when an issue presents itself nothing gets complete.

One user here figured out a simple easy layering mod using doublesided Velcro.


You have to tinker to increase comfort for any vr headset, even on Vive and Rift. That’s why third party companies sell their solutions like vrcover, vivenchill, vrlenslab, widmovr, vroptician…
Unfortunately those companies don’t sell pimax vr frame ATM. Pimax is the only company who promised vr frame for their headsets, other companies didn’t, so we have to wait and hope untill they find a way to make a frame compatible with eye tracking module. Meanwhile you can find many solutions on this forum.
About the foam, you can increase inside space by using Vive foam or adding velcro strip. I used this interface (the small side part) and Vive foam, it works fine to fit my glasses in the headset.

I understand you don’t want to tinker, noone does, but at some point you have to.


Don’t forget our community member @Davobkk’s Studioform’s Comfort straps. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: