Global warming and climate change alarmists harp on about “dangerously high” manmade CO2 output levels. So how much are they? The answer will shock you


Looking at short periods don’t give you a big enough picture of the problem, just local or temporary factors may be involved, and much more importantly…you failed to mention (probably due to not knowing the full data…) that in the same period you mention, there happened a big increase of ice extension on the other side, the Antarctic.

It’s the same thing as I repeat over and over…not wide enough analysis of the problem, and too little data used to jump to quick conclusions.

Yes…exactly what may be happening again in this timeframe, on different regions.


The change of mass on the Antarctic was a loss 127 billion tons per year since 2002. As I said, area is not all, look at the mass too.


Actually Lillo, if you read through my comments you might learn two things…

  1. The universal truth… “trust no one”

  2. When quoting sources to make a point, your choice of sources matter and reflects upon you! I carefully chose my sources. Since I wasn’t actually taking a direct anti-Trump stance, it would have been a heck of lot easier for me to use FOX news (Pro-Trump) as my source but I chose CNN news (Anti-Trump) deliberately as not to be ridiculed like you for choosing questionably bias media.


Thats some scary allegations. Too bad there are no references provided. Can’t take it seriously lol


Maybe Trump meant this when he indirectly hinted at some possible human factor ?..



Anti left wing rubbish and from 2015 how is that relevent now


Well, if this is the only thing that comes to you mind when watching that video (I assume you did, right?) then:

Ignorance is strength!


I don’t follow the topic like that, but I believe that even one of the co-founders of ipcc and a renowned climate researcher left the association because it was no longer about science, but only about politics.

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