Good reading books - list your favorites


Well as we have this week to kill time I thought I would start a post on books.

My recommended cyber books are:

The Blue Nowhere - Hackers hunting hackers

Society of the mind - Artificial Intelligence

Vurt - Alternate reality

Currently reading Extracted - Gritty time travel. And a page turner.


Books? Wha…


My fave book for any occasion must be ‘Night Watch’ by Terry Pratchett.

I’ve noticed a few Pratchett fans in this forum.


Dan Simmons is a pretty cool sci-fi & Horror type writer

I have Read

  • Summer Of Night

  • Children Of Night (has a character from Summer of Night)

  • Carrion Comfort

  • The Terror (Recently made a mini serious)

Christopher Pike writes a lot of Supernatural horrors.

  • Bethany’s Sin
  • Stinger
  • Swan Song

James Axler (post apocalypic world)

  • Deathlands Series
  • Outlands Series (sequel to Deathlands)

Just to name a few.


Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez. Would love to see them as a movie or mini-series.
Aztec by Gary Jennings
The Source by James Michener
Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert Heinlein


What’s sad is how they actually think it is funny that they can’t name a book. Aside those for whom English is a second language, I often find myself having to leave so many forums, just because it pains me to wade through so much poor verb conjugation and spelling.
If people read more than the net, they might learn to take some pride in how they express themselves in forums and in life. I am always amazed that so many people who would have you accept their ideas have so little regard for how well they present them. They seem quite happy to google the hell out of the data, while not even taking a second to google their spelling or to even proof read what they type.


Looking forwards to trying some of these.

@dogbite The younger generation all proudly toot disorders that stop them from reading, mostly dyslexia, mild autism, depression etc. I have lots of nephews and nieces and none of them read for some ‘valid’ reason or another.

You can explain that a book is better than any film but it goes straight over their heads, like it is an old person thing or punishment.

One 18yr old nephew wants to be a construction project manager. He often stays here because I have lots of gadgets and still play games but I can not for the life of me get him to read, even Pratchett.
He watches YouTube, constantly. It could be a bloke talking about a business subject or how unjust the world is for an hour and he listens to it on his mobile while doing other things like gaming or trying to sleep.

These modern Youtubers have such an influence it is worrying sometimes when I hear them bleating away a ton of personal crap but maybe this is the new medium that our younger generation understand. They live in a mobile connected world where one friend says “Hey listen to this guy” and that’s it. The gospel spreads.


Well let’s face tge laziness. 2hr movie might take a week to read. Lol


The reason I listed Daemon is because it is an amazing techno-thriller. As a pc gamer, I found once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. When the story quickly became an action movie on paper, I said to myself “what a great concept”.
I think, if you can get kids that likes playing MMOs and watching action movies to read the first chapter, you would be able to turn some of them to read the whole book. Once you find that one book that breaks through, you’re in. It is difficult to do in an age where, the modus operandi of most kids is “phone in the face.”
I always found calling them “smart phones” to be oxymoronic. They so often keep kids ignorant, in that they only know something for a moment and then move on. They don’t earn the knowledge through a process of understanding it’s evolution.
Some of the biggest misunderstandings in this forum come from people not allowing for lost conjugation in Chinese to English translation. I am not making fun of the “broken English” here. The method in which people express past present and future is often bastardized by native English speakers, so it doesn’t surprise me this often translates with much difficulty from any foreign language. If you read any Pimax communications and allow for what is lost in translation, you often see that what was meant is slightly different. Not doing this here has lead so much unnecessary conjecture.


Oh boy! Good Idea - my list of good stuff, that was “less know” to me before reading them:

Linda Nagata
The Nano tech succession books:
(Avangard Future Vision - challenging to get a start, but you cant stop once you have it)
Or her red triology (Near Future Vision - MilTech)

Becky Chamber
(Future in Space - none Violence Based Novel - makes it a great Change to the action based stuff)

More none future?

Martha Wells
Books of the Raksura

G RR Martin
Dying Light
and Armageddon Rag

(Edit - Enhanced :wink: )


Isaac Asimov: anything robot(laws) and foundation.

  • I, robot
  • Foundation Trilogy: Golan Trevize character and others
  • Many short stories with R. Daneel Olivaw as maincharacter
  • Many other short stories from Isaac Asimov

Robert Jordan: The Wheel of Time series.

Douglas Adams:

  • Restaurant at end of galaxy;
  • Life, the universe and everything.

Joseph Heller: Catch22

JRR Tolkien:

  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Hobbit


My favorite book name is searched in the lost time.


Douglas Adams, yeah very good. If you liked those also try Grant Naylor’s Red Dwarf series. There is some history between these two authors. Very funny books. Also, if you like fantasy then Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb was a great read.