Google earth : Amazing!


You can download google earth vr through steam.

Pop your headset into pimax mode.

Go here to download a DLL file

Unzip one file and put it in the google earth folder.

Run google earth and be amazed !

Right now unless you have touch controllers you can just go on the tours, but they are amazing.

With touch controllers you can go anywhere !



Possible to use a gamepad?


it is not at this time, just touch ravzor or vive controllers


Thanks you, so amazing! :heart_eyes:


This is really cool news.
Thank you.


I’ve tried it out using the PS Move controllers with 4 PS3 Eye Cameras, works quite decently.


Oh ~ ~ Very nice news.
PSMove is a pretty good choice, isn’t it?


Indeed, also have Leap Motion w/ Orion but it’s acting up as Vive Controllers. Perhaps it’s my environment.


hello there,

i m interresting, i have the psmove, with my Pimax, but when i lunch Google earth Vr, i can"t push start or see the controlleur, do u have a how to please .?

  1. Use Piplay V1.1.92
  2. Use PSMoveService V8.1.0
  3. Edit steamvr.vrsettings
    “psmove” : {
    “circle” : “a”,
    “cross” : “button_8”,
    “move” : “touchpad”,
    “ps” : “system”,
    “select” : “button_9”,
    “square” : “grip”,
    “start” : “button_10”,
    “triangle” : “application_menu”,
    “trigger” : “trigger”
    “steamvr” : {
    “activateMultipleDrivers” : true,
    “forceReprojection” : true,
    “mirrorViewGeometry” : “0 0 1280 720”,
    “showMirrorView” : true


I installed google earth vr today but I can not go past tutorial, have not installed “fake vive”. Realy want to fly around and using my flightstik. Can anybody help me?


Have now put Fakevive in Google earth folder, but still not able to run Google earth VR. Is’nt there any workaround to not have controllers?