Google Earth vr solution



Like many of you, I have been fascinated by Google Earth VR in an HMD but, unfortunately, could not go beyond the demo tour with my Pimax 4K in the absence of position controllers. I managed to have my Xbox One to work using Hydra drivers and FreePie but it is quite complex to move around, zoom etc… and somewhat killing the immersion. I tried Google Earth with a Rift, the control is great but the image does not compare to the Pimax.
Has anyone managed a Google Earth solution that works with Pimax 4K ?


I used the Razer Hydra controllers, though they are wired and hard to find, they seemed to work ok for me in Google Earth VR


Thanks for your suggestion. For a Google earth use, I think it is an OK option as you are sitting so the wires are not bothering too much.