Google's new ultra high res, wide FoV, 120 hz VR HMD


Why don’t you see them Delivering it this year ? They announced that they were building it May of last year. On less I miss read it google is announcing new” display “ not a HMD just like HTC vive oculus rift use Samsung displays in there 1st gen headsets .


Well I don’t think LG has their lines ready for mass production of such high res panels. I always figured BOE to be the first, they’re due for end of next year for these type of ultra high res OLED panels. Then again, it’s an assumption and who knows, they might surprise us!


Are you kidding of course they do ! when It comes to OLED LG is King i’m willing to bet these displays will end up in LG’s HMD first.


Well until now they havent released anything above 1440p and have not even shown a working prototype of anything higher than 1440p, unlike Samsung and BOE who have shown such prototypes last year already (like And you’re saying they have those 18MP panels ready for mass production already now? I HIGHLY doubt it. It makes much more sense that they’ve just completed the prototypes. But who knows.


Not only that. We know pimax is pushing current gpus & that the 8k-X has top consumer gpu projected reqs.

Google’s reveal is likely to help pressure gpu mfgrs to bring out real goodies faster. Even with FoV rendering still going to want beefy gpus.

But yeah this does illustrate the need for pimax complete the 8k.

Being first has always had its downsides. Look at Sony with Ps4 Pro was great but releasing it first gave MS a chance to more than one up them.


LG has just built several OLED screen manufacturing plants and also has pOLED, which is cheaper.


Do you have any info on that? The only thing I see when I google are some news items from last year, where they said they’re planning to build new plants, like:

EDIT They’re saying it will be ready Q2 2019:’s-plant-china-expected-double-oled-panel so that would be just before BOE’s new plant is ready (Q3 2019). I’m betting these new plants will manufacture these next gen panels (well BOE already said so)


I do know the v30 sports a 6" oled. My lg g6 has ips however other than not having an oled scores well in vr test & should be able to hack/enable daydream.


Of course:

new manufacturing plants:

With Google and maybe Apple:

pOLED phones and the not so secret LG “Next” displays. SID last year. (5:57)

Not much to be seen


But these are just FHD displays ? They have a single 4k display in that video but that’s LCD. Either way not even close to that 21M prototype panel that BOE showed last year: (which should be available for mass production next year)

Anyway, the links you posted regarding the 5th gen, I’m not sure if this gen is capable of 18M, I highly doubt it. I hope you’re right though but I’d say we have to wait for that new plant to complete in 2019.


Even 2 of their 6" 2880*1440 2:1 oled displays would be nice. Just wonder if the could spin them up to 120hz like the razer phone.


The production plants in China are only to increase production, they already test new technologies in existing ones, including microDisplays.

Well, we’ll see what they show in May.


You might be right. I hope you are ! :slight_smile:


Vergence-accommodation conflict

This idea kinda sounds like Nvidia’s cascaded displays.

Even doubling up the 5k panels & using a frame doubler that maybe applies hardware sharpening/aliasing?


Fantastic, the price will be a bomb but we are on our way, although ever so slowly.

We need a major bump in GPU performance and none of that refresh/tweaked stuff.

Here’s to flipping a coin down the “deep” well.


I already knew this is possible. With foveate rendering, you can make it 8k per eye or 16k per eye…no problem. You’re only rendering where you eyes are looking, a small area. How can it be so hard and so challenging? We’re not rendering the freaking entire screen like Pimax 8k here.


Good news of course, but I can’t see them releasing it any time soon. Whether they do or not will depend on whether it becomes commercially profitable / part of their long term strategy. The cost of producing those screens is bound to be sky high, and without any competition producing the same (no production chains) it won’t get lower.

I think the intention is probably to give VR a good kick up the arse, to encourage other developers to have a go at making high res screens etc, for the sake of long term development rather than for producing an actual usable VR headset in the next couple of years. I just don’t see the point in going that high so soon, no one would be able to afford such a thing, and there is little point in doubling the capabilities of the competition, when all you have to do is go one bit better and charge a little more.

I am reminded of 8K screens. In this:


I think that is basically the point. Move the industry along a bit by giving everyone something to aim for. Unless you have about 4000 USD lying around, in which case, go for it.


There are issues with drivers (no/limited support), required changes to the game engines, problems with aliasing on the periphery, and lag (and maybe additional issues). While the concept is simple, the implementation is not. Also, there’s the “chicken and the egg” issue: Developers will mostly ignore what is still a very small market.


The Specs of google get me all fuzzy, but not the fact I backed the 8K and that it is not already at my home and that “already” a new light is rising on the horizon - is what I meant.


Indeed or FovVR would be more in the lime light.