Google's new ultra high res, wide FoV, 120 hz VR HMD


Sounds amazing but I think their definition of wide will probably be around 120fov


When Google expressly speaks of a “Display for Wide Field of View”, I don’t think they are referring to increasing the FOV used today by only 10º.
Existing Pimax and StarVR, rather I think they look for the 200-220º


On the other hand, google researches foveated rendering, bought a specialized company (Eyefluence) and say they have a solution implemented.


Great news! Hope to see it soon.


What company they buy?


So, is this why LG have delayed on their own WMR launch?
Because they are too close on the mother ship of VR working with Google ready to deliver a collection of VR components for HMD makers?

Very interesting. It is certainly hotting up month by month.


…and once again Road To VR completely denied the existence of Pimax 8K. Not even a single word. Do I really need to say more?


Possibility and why there SteamVR headset delayed especially since HTC has beaten them to launch a minor bump up.


Just remember Google is about collecting your data for financial purposes. Collecting all the data of what you play and watch (when, where, what and who). Be wary with what they offer.


I dont really know the VR industry well enough but perhaps thats due to the fact its still not available outside of the kickstarter backers list?




It’s obvious that they don’t consider it sufficiently finished to make a review or be a rival at this moment, like all the other websites. At least they see a lot of potential and want to analyze the finished product.

We must recognize that the product was far from being polished, Pimax showed it with flaws in all areas, they are not to blame for that.


You do know the Vive Pro is not available yet; so no need to mention it either as its delayed & not available either. :v::joy::+1::sparkles:


Well they’ve shown a very good working prototype of the Vive Pro to the public so I guess it’s about to be released. The dr Frankenstein HMD pimax showed at CES on the other hand was very far from releasable. So I understand they’re not even mentioning it. And while Pimax is now talking about Q2, I’m VERY skeptical of that. We’ll see though, I hope I’m wrong.


Truth no real reason for the Vive Pro to be delayed as it doesn’t truly offer anything new. I suspect the reason is to try & milk/clear more of the v1 headsets.


Well I agree there. I think they shouldn’t be releasing it at all. Kopin is finishing up their production lines with OliGHTEK, they should be ready for mass production of their 2k*2k (per eye) panels before the summer, so I really think they should have waited a couple of months, use those panels and then they’d really have a ‘nextgen’ HMD (well apart from the fact that Pimax already offered that resolution in their 4k for a long time, but oh well) :wink:


Well keep in mind if they use standard 2kish panels 2 of them won’t equal 4k unless of course there res is 2k*2k :smirk:

Otherwise we’ll have something like

19201080 x 2 = 38401080 :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Not sure what you mean Heliosurge ? Kopin’s panels are 2k*2k per eye, so that’s 4k * 2k = 4k resolution. Also OLED and 120 hz. Downside is that they’re so damn small so it’s a challenge to get to more than 100 degrees FoV. It should be doable I guess but you’d need to design special optics.


Well that was the point generally 2k folks think of 1080p.

Now if kopin is 20002000 or 20482048 then it would be no issue as its 1:1 ratio ensures min value instead of the its only half debate. (Which you said they are min 2k*2k/eye)


Well if you only specify ‘2k’ resolution, sure that’s 1080p. But 2k * 2k per eye, well I don’t see how you could interpret that as 1080p. But oh well that’s a discussion for another thread :slight_smile: