Google's new ultra high res, wide FoV, 120 hz VR HMD


Indeed though we know 1080p is not really 2k. It does however position for whichever headset uses these panels to copy what AMD said about their first Quadcores compared to intel “True Quad core”

The headset mfgr could spout “First True 4k headset with Real 4k input!”

But like you said topic for another fun filled debate. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Plus the Vive Pro will have the 110deg FoV, unchanged from the original, which makes it not worth getting in my view, especially for those that already have an HMD.

For me, the 110deg FoV with the Vive was too much like looking through goggles. I was too aware of that. More so than with the Pimax 4K, for some reason.


@sjefdeklerk And Pimax showed me a very good working prototype of the 8K back in October last year. And to the public. There were flaws in v5 at CES, apparently flaws that didnt exist in v2, but that’s what they are working to solve today. Also, you need to understand that there is much more work behind developing a new technology with 4K panels, 200 fov etc, compared to HTCs approach simply replacing the panels to 1440p and a new fancy headstrap. Of course it will cause issues during the development. None of the products are finished yet, and both needs to be mentioned as the upcoming headsets of 2018.

In fact, if theres ANY product worth the attention today, in a so called “VR news website”, then it should be the 8K and not the Vive Pro. Innovation is what matters and what pushes VR forward mate. New solutions, big improvements and better immersion. Theres no point going brand-fanboi all in, or you may eventually get disappointed.

I love playing on my Vive while wearing a Oculus shirt. Why? Just because i couldn’t care less :slight_smile: But you wouldn’t imagine how many emails I got about this…


Pimax is the only vr company making a device for vr fans and prexisting pcvr users in my opinion. Their advantage is the same one that is the big companies disadvantage, a huge fov. Either that or big companies had other plans of tiny little field of view increments over time. Who knows. This is why I chose pimax, technological progress shouldn’t be curbed by business.


Dont get me wrong, I’m just as angry as you with the lack of progress of the big guys. I think the Vive Pro is a joke, that’s not pushing the field forward at all, especially not with those 1st gen lenses. But it’s very obvious that Pimax f*cked up big time at CES. If they had shown something better than the V2 was, then I’m sure reviewers like the people at RoadToVR would be MUCH more enhousiastic about it. On the other hand, if you demonstrate a Frankenstein HMD monster like they did, where even tracking didnt work correctly (for crying out loud!), then I can understand that some magazines don’t take such a company too seriously. If I remember correctly RoadToVr said they didnt expect Pimax to release the HMD in the first half of this year due to the myriad of problems they still had to solve and it looks very much like they’re going to be correct. We’ll see. Q1 is almost over already anyway.


Very true, that’s of course why we all are here. All the other companies have disappointed us. But we also shouldn’t be blind to all the missteps Pimax takes, time after time. Sure, at least they try (where others dont), but we still have to see where the journey ends and lately it’s not looking too good if you ask me.


The only reason I’m a Pimax8K backer is that none of the major players will be releasing a “true next-gen headset” this year. I believe the main reason for that is that more pixels will require an enthusiast-level graphics card and the “big guys” are trying to get a larger share of the VR market. That means they need to stick to resolutions that pitiful mainstream GPUs can handle, like the integrated Intel GPU (which is a joke).


Not really impressed. True next gen post Pimax8k needs to feat. a curved display with a radius of less than 10cm and optics that finally get close to 100% pixel usage. The headset size and weight are just as critical as resolution and colour.

In case the upscaling of Pimax works as advertized surely all other players will adapt and improve on it… but when Pimax 8k becomes real there is hardly a new premium headset possible with less than 200deg FoV.

Funny the claim focusses on the 18M Pixels confusing ppl with high numbers… what percentage will be visible?


LG has curved displays.


According to this the panels are being developed in Sharp’s lab, this is years away from being a headset


One of the reasons the “big ones” disappoint us regarding innovation, is market-share. Keep the necessary PC specs low enough (Vive/WMR), or focus on mobile stand-alone solution (Oculus GO/Snapdragon HMD), to increase the possible market. Nowadays (and actually beginning from about a year ago) with the ever increasing costs for a decent GFX card that’s at least VR capable (and don’t forget the RAM prices too), everyone is afraid to push the technical limits of VR. Well, except maybe Pimax. We should give them credits for that, at least. (In the end, it’s always about one thing, and one thing only, money…)

I think VR is going to keep on being pretty niche for the coming years, maybe in about 10-15 years most modern households have a VR device in their possession (talking about non-cardboard solutions).


—.and once again Road To VR completely denied the existence of Pimax 8K

I think your exaggerating a bit… a simple “PIMAX” search on roadtovr will give you about 1to 2 article by month. and every major announcement has been cover. the Pimax 8K is just not the center of the world for VR and Pimax communication strategy doesn’t help getting exposure


Truth in fairness Rtvr didn’t mention any of the ultra wide headsets.

StarVR, HeroVR, Panasonic’s 4 panel fused concept etc.

But yes a miss never the less as Google’s idea is about Res & ultra wide FoV so neither the Odyssy or Vive Pro (Htc not released) made much sense.

Just shows the Article was rushed a bit.


Old news posted as new ones. News published in May 2017.

News published yesterday
18-Megapixel Display To Be Unveiled In May From Google And LG



I love playing on my Vive while wearing a Oculus shirt. Why? Just because i couldn’t care less :slight_smile: But you wouldn’t imagine how many emails I got about this…



Wow, and HTC won’t even reveal Vive Pro’s MSRP. I can’t imagine what this thing will retail for. $2000 for HMD-only?


If that is the case… They can shove it.


LG has just patented an HMD with eye tracking and super wide-angle lenses, maybe with AR.

In Spanish.

On letsgodigital

At the end of the article there is an explanation in English:

On August 17, 2017 LG Display filed a patent with WIPO. The patent entitled ‘Personal immersive display device and driving method therof’ was published on March 1, 2018. The patented head mounted display contains a camera that captures the position of the pupil of a user’s left and right eye. The data processor detects the gaze of the user and will reduce the resolution and brightness of the non-gaze areas.

The patent further states the HMD will be able to display both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reaility (AR) content. Beginning of 2017, LG showed a prototype which already had two dummy holes for passthrough cameras. The patented HMD comes with two OLED displays, with the same resolution (1140×1280) and refreshing rate (90 Hz) as the prototype.

It has been over a year since LG showed their HMD prototype to the public. It seems we will have to wait till May 2018, as SID Display Week will be the perfect event for LG to announce their developments.

Here you can find the patent specs, claims and drawings.

If LG and Google are going to present the LG UltraGear VR on May 22, with the new screens, great fov lenses and eye tracking, foveated rendering and AR, it would be a very tough competitor to Pimax 8K/8K X.


Nice find mate!!!


Not mine, it’s from Real o Virtual, and from LetsGoDigital, before.