Google's new ultra high res, wide FoV, 120 hz VR HMD


Doesn’t Hololens employ some kind of waveguide display trickery, not unlike the supposed Magic Leap HMD? Since it makes it feel like the object is rendered at a distance you focus on that in the distance and look at physical objects around it. But it may just be that the presence of actual real world depth makes AR experiences more bearable.

I meant Dynamic DOF as in dynamic focal planes depth, to be more specific.


Agreed. I got zero discomfort from it. I can see why AR will be popular. The thing I didn’t like is that any CG faded out if you got closer than a few feet to it. You could not examine something like in VR, not on the Hololens session I had anyway.

Oh right. Got ya.


22 May Google is going to present this HMD, interesting stuff!


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See point 3.2 here:

Really interesting stuff they mention:

“The world’s highest resolution (18-megapixel, 1,443-ppi) OLED-on-glass display was developed. White OLED with a color-filter structure was used for high-density pixelization, and an n-type LTPS backplane was chosen for higher electron mobility compared to mobile phone displays. A custom high-bandwidth driver IC was fabricated. Foveated driving logic for VR and AR applications was implemented.”

As many speculated, that 18 megapixel most likely is per eye, so 36 megapixel in total, so that’s an 4x higher res than the Pimax 8k offers. Most likely it’s also native resolution. Really looking forward to their presentation and hopefully some guidance on when this beast will become available


thanks , looks very interesting, how is your Vive Pro btw ?


Waiting for it to get shipped to my home in the Caribbean, will probably arrive end of next week.


That indeed sounds gorgeous. :heart_eyes:

I hope it’s not a tease and has a legit release date.


But I am afraid the pricing on this will be out of public reach. The Occulus approach with SLM and a slightly higher resolution seems like it will be cheaper and slightly more palatable. But with that said, having not seen VR displays this dense in person and only having the Odyssey as a reference point I can only speculate.


If it’s meant to have 4x the res of an 8k, wouldn’t driving it be a major issue?


@EpsilonRose Not really, read the whitepapers, they solved that with foveated rendering and foveated transport, and a custom scaler and compositor inside the display. Only a small portion of the display is at native resolution.


F o v e a t e d R e n d e r i n g


Also there is now this to help frame rates