Got an email from pimax saying it has shipped! But no tracking number..?



I actually can’t believe it. I woke up and saw this in my email:

SIIIIIIIIIIIIUUUU, but where’s the tracking number?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy to make the headset more comfortable (das upgrade?) and have less distortions? (What’s the best face foam that I should buy right now to make it have as little distortions as possible…?)


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Backer #2502 here.

I just received a similar series of emails too, but with the tracking number fortunately.

The strange thing is that the first two email states the logistics company was FedEx, while the last two in the chain said that it was DHL instead. All the emails were sent within minutes of each other.

17track has no idea whom the number belongs to, and both carriers don’t recognize the number yet. Fun.


same here.3 emails 1 fedex 2 DHL and 17track cannot track it


What the hell…when did you guys get the email? Today? @htfoo @SymbolizeOfK


Just got a mail from DPD ( with a tracking number. Can only be the pimax as its being sent from the uk and the special swedish characters is missing from the address (it should still arrive though, our postal system is used to that)

No email from pimax though.


@Mpmo10 lol they trolling you


what did you order and what’s your # ?


One inexpensive option would be this additional head strap. I bought one and the quality is good, but I don’t have my 8K, so I haven’t tested it yet.


If you want to spend the coin Vive Das is a good option from what I have read. Or you can cheap it like I did for under $25.

Face foam not sure but i think many have said 18mm.

Tracking number? Definitely need a team member. @Sean.Huang might also be able to help.


I get the email this morning


Just check again using 17track and finally the tracking numbers work now.The status shows Shipment information sent to FedEx ! ! !


But how do you check without a tracking number…?


How did you cheap it under $25? Yeah will probably buy the 18 mm foam too


I have the tracking number.I think you will get ur tracking number with the next email because i get the same email spam 3 time this morning.


Poor man’s headset.

Bought a face shield/welders helmet head band for around $20 ca. Some velcro at a dollar store & some zip ties.

See 5k 8k directory for pics. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Please note head phones not included. Add $10 for those.

Solid Pimax Headstrap (see vid) being developed?

ouch just $10 on headphones? I couldn’t do that, I use my HD650s (£350) with my psvr.

I can’t skimp on audio quality, its my world! hehe


Over ear headphones? aren’t they annoying to use with an HMD?


Anyone knows how to track a package by the shipping address lol…?

Pimax still haven’t answered so i don’t know my tracking number unfortunately


Not these, although they cover my ears they actually act like over-ear as its a foam/cushion around the edge so you get the air of over ear but the cover so sound isolation of closed ear and these headphones are incredibly comfortable.

I can wear them 10hrs+ with zero probs.

The PSVR headset sits perfectly above them, feels like they were made to work together hence why I really like the look of the Pimax head strap I’ve seen in a vid as it looks just like the PSVR head strap and has loads of space over the top of ya ears/below the strap for room for the headphones.