Got an email from pimax saying it has shipped! But no tracking number..?



Great Headphones! Not cheap but if you compare them many ppl will realize what crap headphones they are actually using. But imho the DAS headphones are a tolerable quality/ease of use compromise for games at least.
Let’s say they are by far the least shitty ones and hold the minimun standard for roomscale games with the benefit without an extra setup/cable . For sims (I’m not a simmer) I would not bother and invest in some nice headphones with good and clear bass range.


Yeah its great when someone else heres them. Guy at uni was using his headphones n said they’re good n I said try these, and after a few secs of listening he went “oh…wow…ok…right…” :smiley: hehe

I have tried them out, m8 has them on his dev kit vive he got from uni (basically a pro with eye tracking) n they’re better than you would think by looking at them but I could never give up my HD650s.

Yeah I’m mostly into cockpit games for VR, the Star Wars Battlefield X-Wing VR mission on PSVR is superb! plus I just can’t stand n play standing up. Tried it a few times with Skyrim and I just lose my equilibrium/balance etc so I just sit with all game and am quite happy doing it.

Although… having something along the lines of the Virtuix Omni (1min 6secs) would be a very different matter hehe.